Meet Megan Kubinski: Student, Future Teacher, and Dancer

Megan has been dancing since she was a little girl, and now she is currently the only freshman on Synergy, a dance team at the College of New Jersey. So here are a few questions and answers about Megan Kubinski.

Name, age, and major: Megan Kubinski, 18, Early Education and iSTEM major

Hometown: Old Bridge, New Jersey

Fun Fact? I am addicted to coffee.

Hobbies? I love dancing, rewatching shows on Netflix, and playing the piano.

What is your favorite memory of TCNJ so far? My favorite memories of TCNJ so far have been the times where I get to hang out with the friends I have made on campus. Whether it’s a movie night in the lounge or just hanging out in someone’s room, they have made my college experience so far feel welcoming.

What is Synergy? Synergy is a dance company at TCNJ that allows dancers the chance to continue their dance training and performances. We perform at a few events during the year and host a Spring Spectacular once a year. There, we get to perform a variety of dances that are choreographed by dancers in the company. It’s all student run and it has provided me with a group of friends and upperclassmen whom I look up to.

Why did you try out for Synergy? The reason I tried out for Synergy is because my friend Julia, who is a junior at TCNJ, has been apart of it since her freshman year. I danced with Julia at my studio back at home, and she knew I would love it. It’s structured similarly to our previous dance experience and it gave me a chance to get involved.

What’s your favorite memory from Synergy this semester? My favorite memory from Synergy so far was all of the bonding activities we did over the semester. This ranged from our Friendsgiving to our fam reveal. All of those experiences allowed me to get closer to my fellow dancers who helped me with the start of my college experience.