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Making the Most of Your Spring Break: How to Stay Productive

After a long week of midterms, lack of sleep and staying inside to study during the first few days of nice weather, you can finally relax. While your friends may be partying it up in Panama City Beach over break, don’t get upset if you can’t afford to go. Make the most of your break at home and be productive!

1. Spring Cleaning. We’re guessing you brought home your dirty laundry and sheets from college.  Go ahead and throw them in the wash (or leave them next to the washer hoping someone will do them for you…). Go the extra mile and clean out your car, purse, wallet, backpack, etc. It’ll be nice to come back from break with a fresh start.

2. Accomplish things on your “To-Do” list. You’ve probably had that same email starred for the last month regarding applying for an internship or scholarship. Now is the time to get those sorts of things done. Perhaps physically writing down a list of things you need to do would help motivate you to finally complete them in this free time you have.

3. Exercise. Even if your break is just a week long, staying fit is the perfect way to occupy your time. Maybe you’ve fallen out of a workout schedule during the winter, like many of us do. But spring break is an ideal time to get back on track, especially since the summer is not too far down the road…

4. Get out of the house. Go outside! You’ve been cooped up in your dorm room and library for the last week studying for midterms. Remember how depressing it was in the middle of the winter when you dreaded walking to class? Now you’re finally home, the sun is shining and it’s probably 60-degree weather. Maybe go for a hike with your family and enjoy the good ole’ outdoors.

5. Pick up shifts at work. I know it can be difficult to picture your friends at the beach and you at work, but think of who will be benefitting in the long run. You’ll come back from spring break with that extra cash that some of your friends probably spent on new bathing suits.

All in all, being stuck at home for spring break may not be your ideal plan, but you need to make the most of it. Get some cleaning done, check off a few things on your master to-do list, stay in shape, enjoy the weather and earn some extra cash. And remember, summer is right around the corner!

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