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What do we want? CLEAR SKIN. When do we want it? NOW. Are we willing to change certain lifestyle choices to achieve this? Umm… maybe? Skin care is a lot more than face masks on a Sunday night. It consists of maintaining a routine to make sure all the effort you’re putting into your skin actually works!

Having clear and healthy skin is a battle many of us face on a daily basis. From having a pimple or two pop up because of stress to chronic acne, these blemishes can sometimes impact how we feel about ourselves (even when it shouldn’t!). While some of these tips and tricks may seem silly, they actually work! After all, preventing breakouts is better than having to deal with them. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier to just make blemishes disappear before they can even appear?

  1. Stop Touching Your Face

Think about all the things you touch on a daily basis, and now think about all of the times you don’t wash your hands after touching those things. Simple things like desks, doorknobs, walls, stair railings, and even the dry erase marker your professor uses can carry millions of germs and tons of dirt that can clog your pores and cause pimples! Before you touch your face, wash your hands or use some hand sanitizer!

  1. Use Products that Help YOUR Skin

We live in an age where finding new products often happens because we stumble upon a really good review, we see a quick “Get Ready with Me” on TikTok, or we see those little collage posts on Instagram. Sometimes those outlets are super helpful, and other times the products that are recommended can be harmful on your skin. A good way to avoid this is to research products before you buy or use them to make sure they are good for your skin type. If you don’t know your skin type, take this simple guide to find out! Another good way to find products that work for your skin, is keeping track of the ingredients that help you out the most, so you know what to look for in new products.


Ladies, we are on the Water Only 2020 train. If you’re not on it, get on, girl! Okay… maybe not ONLY water, but when you start choosing water over juice, coffee, or soda, your skin will start to look more radiant. Water is an important part of our daily intake because it keeps our bodies, including our skin, HYDRATED!

  1. Pay Attention to What Your Skin Needs

Have you ever noticed around your period you get the same pimples in the same spot, or that maybe your skin feels extra dry right after a steaming hot shower? It’s because your skin is 100% impacted by the environment around it. Take note and make sure you give your skin what it needs, whether it’s a moisturizer, a face mask, or a break from makeup.

  1. More Tips Here!

There are TONS of ways to maintain your skin. This article by Allure magazine goes in so much deeper and has great tips that are actually super eye-opening! 



Eunice is a current student at TCNJ, and she majors in Communications Studies with minors in Marketing and Graphic Design. She has also been the Graphic Designer for HC TCNJ since Fall of 2018. Although she only has her phone to take photos, she loves to capture the world around her, and doesn't care if she has to stop in the middle of traffic to do so! Eunice is also a food lover and the occasional Netflix and Hulu binger, with her favorite shows right now being "Quantico" and "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" (She thinks she could totally be a cop or FBI agent). Eunice and many of her favorite photographs can be found on her Instagram account, @blasianchronicles or @eundesigns.
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