Leader of the Lions: Matthew Wells, Student Body President

This week’s Campus Celebrity is none other than Student Government’s new president, Matthew Wells. Our president is a senior Health and Exercise Science major with minors in Biology and Chemistry. Besides serving as president, Matt is also involved on campus as Student Manager of Residential Operations of the Apartments and College Houses and works part time in the Physical Enhancement Center.

During Matt’s first semester he served as a Senator of Nursing, Health and Exercise Science. He immediately knew that he wanted a leadership role within the organization. “This was as a result of strong senior leadership during that year and the dedication the other members had towards serving their peers through advocacy and leadership,” he said.

When explaining his role as president, Matt said that it is essentially a planning and reacting role. “I serve to ensure the proper execution of daily tasks within the organization as well as ensuring longevity through vision and planning ahead,” he said.

He explained that he meets regularly with key administrators such as Dr. Amy Hecht, the Vice President of Student Affairs, and Dr. Gitenstein, the President of The College to voice the grievances of the students.

This year, Matt hopes to voice the student body well by appropriating concerns to the proper resources on campus. Just recently Matt explained that when The College changed the main entrance sign on campus to display the new college seal, students expressed their clear displeasure.

Matt reacted by going before the Vice President of Advancement, John Donohue, to voice these concerns. “Mr. Donohue showed The College's plan to change the entire main entrance display upon the completion of Campus Town,” Matt said of their meeting.

 Matt explained that as president, he will be able to better communicate with the campus when administration responds to concerns in situations like this.

As far as what Matt sees being accomplished this year for TCNJ, he said that there will be much growth and development. “As we await the completion of Campus Town, the new STEM building, and T-Dubs, it has been announced that renovation to the Student Center will begin on April 1,” he explained.          

“As the college grows, the biggest change the student body will see this year is a restructuring of space on campus.”

As president of the student body, Matt will be taking on the responsibility of representing students by ensuring that their voices are heard. “I am proud to say The College takes students seriously and values feedback,” Matt said. “Faculty, staff, and even Dr. Gitenstein herself are always looking for input from Student Government representatives and other organizations on campus. I am proud to serve this student body and I hope to serve them well.”

After all, “A Wells run campus is a well run campus,” and so it looks like our students are in for a good year!