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In light of Lana Del Rey announcing she is dropping a new album in March, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to take the time to review her most recent album, Blue Banisters. Now, I am totally ashamed to admit that I thought this album was a skip until pretty recently. The day it came out, I was so excited to listen to it and immerse myself into Lana’s beautiful songs, but this listening experience quickly turned into a skip fest. I didn’t connect with the melody of her songs, and a lot of them weren’t memorable. I tried and tried to listen to this album over and over again, but I just couldn’t get into it. After giving it one more chance with my friend on FaceTime, where both of us fell asleep while listening, I decided that I was never going to get into this album. 

But as Justin Bieber said, “Never say never,” and after a year, I finally re-gave this album a listen. Let me tell you, all of these songs were amazing!! In all honesty, I was already in love with four songs from this album. The pre-released songs, which were “Blue Banisters,” “Text Book,” “Wildflower Wildfire,” and “Arcadia.” I had these songs on repeat for the longest time, while waiting for the whole album to be released. The rest of the eleven songs I wasn’t sure about, but after listening to this album again, I think I definitely found some new favorites. So to celebrate my newfound interest in this album and the announcement of Lana’s new album, I’m going to review each song from Blue Banisters. I love Lana and her songs, so I’m excited to give my review about these miraculous songs. 

Text Book

“Text Book” has been one of my favorites since I first heard it. I love the slowness at the beginning, and then how the beat picks up for the chorus. This slow-to-faster beat occurs throughout the song, and then finishes out with a slow melody. The lyrics are also very well done. They’re not too hard to memorize, and you’re able to paint a picture with everything that she says. Of course, Lana’s vocals make this song even more satisfying to listen to over and over again. Lana just has this way of singing her songs, which makes them so addicting. The way her voice just fits the music perfectly. “Text Book” gives me the feels of a woman who is starting to break out of her old self, and is finally turning a new leaf in her life. “Text Book” is definitely one of the more catchy songs from the album, which makes it my absolute favorite.

Blue banisters

“Blue Banisters” is literally perfection. Both in vocals, storytelling, and pace. Another great thing about Lana Del Rey’s songs is that she tells stories through them. We feel her feelings through her voice and her lyrics, and “Blue Banisters” is a perfect example of this. This song gives the vibes of gloominess, but also improvement in oneself. There is a slow/medium tempo throughout the whole song to really put the listener in their feels. However, even though Lana is going through this withdrawal of some sort, she still dedicates a huge chunk of this song to her girls. Her girls that fly to her when she’s sad from a man who has broken her heart. It’s a beautiful song that deserves so much attention because of how it moves the listener. Lana displays her beautiful vocals, which is another huge reason why I absolutely love this song. Again, her voice mixes with the music, and makes it hit even harder. Anyone could definitely relate to this song, so “Blue Banisters” is definitely in my top three favorite songs from this album.


Now, “Arcadia” and I have had a rocky relationship in the past. Before, I wasn’t a huge fan of it. I listened to it a couple of times, and I just couldn’t connect to it as I did with “Blue Banister” and “Text Book.” However, one day I decided to listen to it again, and I instantly fell in love with it. Again, we get this storytelling element in this song, but we also get a different vibe from the first two songs. It’s kind of like an unapologetic, innocent seductive song. In the song, Lana is addressing how she doesn’t feel welcomed in this place, but she’s not going to take it to heart. She’s still going on her own way and flourishing, even against all the hate. I like that kind of innocent and self-assured vibe that she has in this song because it shows a different side to her and her music. The music video was also very enjoyable to watch. It’s simple, yet expresses that unapologetic vibe. There’s also great melodies, and the pace is well done. “Arcadia” definitely flew up a bunch of tiers in terms of my favorites. 

Interlude: The Trio

This is just a remix of another song, and Lana adds an unexpected beat. There are no vocals on the track, but straight instrumentals. It’s short, but it’s a great mood booster to take us to the next song. 

Black bathing suit

“Black Bathing Suit” is also a song I took for granted in the beginning. It’s definitely a hidden gem in this album. I don’t know why, but the beginning gives me country vibes. Maybe it’s the way that she is singing and the way the music is. I think the main thing that attracted me to this song was the music. The music during the chorus and ending part with the percussion and piano was amazing. I could listen to the instrumental of this song over and over again. The way it just went into all-out mania of different drums and percussion instruments, and then adding her layered vocals in, just makes the song so much more enjoyable. I liked how she added the loop of her voice at the end. Repetition is always a plus in songs because you can tell that this is where the importance is. She wanted us to hear that last line, and we did. “Black Bathing Suit” is a great song, and definitely gives off Lana Del Rey vibes. 

If you lie down with me

This song is absolutely one of my favorites because I feel it so much. While listening, I could picture a whole scenario of events that correlate with this song. This song can be applied to so many situations. I like to imagine a celebrity who is becoming forgotten and not recognized anymore. This celebrity remembers the good old days, where they were loved and appreciated, but now they feel like their life and career is over. They are pleading with whoever used to support them to not say they’re over with them, but it all falls flat and they’re left to remember the past. Or this could be applied to friendships, romantic relationships, or whatever. This gives a sad vibe, but in an upbeat way. It makes you feel like reminiscing in memories of someone or something that you used to have or love. The chorus part gives this upbeat feeling of these memories. However, when the chorus ends, you’re brought back to reality. That’s why I love Lana so much! These stories and imagery that she creates are just so versatile and deep. “If You Lie Down With Me” is definitely in my top three favorites on this album, and it should be for anyone who listens too. 


“Beautiful” is another hidden gem on this album. The chorus is indeed beautiful and catchy. I found myself singing this song out loud because I couldn’t get it out of my head. I think this song is expressing how we can turn sadness or feeling not happy into something beautiful and creative. She talks about a painter that was sad, but created a masterpiece. Lana has had her ups and downs, and she turned what she was feeling into masterpieces as well, which many people have fallen in love with. This is a song that can touch those who struggle with feeling down or sad. They can take these emotions and do what Lana did. I think this song would be a good edit song on TikTok. It’s a cute song that I’m glad to listen to all the time. 

Violets and roses

“Violets and Roses” give me “Black Bathing Suit” vibes, just in terms of the build-up into the chorus and the way Lana sings in both songs. This song gives the feeling of walking in a field of flowers and rethinking your past choices. Lana says that a man should never make a woman trade her violets for roses, and I will stand by that ideal. I imagine this song as the same woman from “Blue Banisters,” who has her girls with her, but still thinks about the past. She thinks about the man who made her trade her violets for roses, but she realizes that should never happen again. She has her girls with her, and she is becoming a different person from who she was before. I like the way Lana concludes the song with an open end. The woman is still thinking of the past, but she is now happier seeing those around her. I can’t say this is my most favorite song on the album, but it is very nice to listen to and appreciate. 


“Dealer” is one of the more popular songs on the album, with 7.7 million views on Youtube. This song was definitely one that stood out the most when I first listened to it. It just gives a totally different vibe from the rest of the songs on the album. It’s also the first song to incorporate another artist. This song expresses the frustration that Lana is feeling, and we can sense this through how she shouts during the chorus. Yes, she actually shouts, and I am here for it! I think that’s why it stands out, and also because it was heavily used on TikTok for a while. I feel that this song can be applied to many different situations. Just imagine someone annoying you so much and pestering you non-stop. You would want to shout too. This song helps to release any pent up frustration or stress.This also feels like a fever dream song, with the way the music sounds and how the featured artist sings his part. I really do like this song, and it stands out a lot. 


“Thunder” is another really good song. I feel that this could be another TikTok song with the way she says “Just do it, don’t wait.” The song starts a little slow, but then picks up after the first chorus. This upbeat music remains throughout the whole song, which makes you think it’ll be an upbeat, content song, but again Lana turns your thoughts upside down. It gives an impatient feeling like you want this person to just do what you want them to do as soon as possible. I have many favorite parts in this song. The chorus throughout this song is so catchy and smooth. The part after the second chorus is my all-time favorite part. The way she sings the part, “If you’re on fire, you’re on fire, just keep burning, keep me alive, spare your blade.” Her voice is so heavenly! Also, the part where she sings, “If hello just means goodbye, then baby better walk away.” She repeats that line more toward the end, which again fuels my repetition craze! As you can tell, this song has many memorable parts, which makes “Thunder” one of my favorite catchy songs. 

Wildflower wildfire

“Wildflower Wildfire” is another song that I liked before the album came out. Lana uses a lot of repetition in this song, which already makes me love it. This song gives me the feels of Lana trying to prove or express herself to someone who’s trying to dig deep into who she is. She’s finally telling this person all the deep dark secrets and feelings that are deep inside of her. Then she is trying to reassure this person after telling them everything because this person means

a lot to her. I like the music in this song a lot, and it definitely attracted me to continue listening. The little sounds of, what I can only describe as, muffled tiny explosions are such a great add on to this song. I also have to mention Lana’s vocals in this song. The way she riffs with the music just makes the song even more fire!

Nectar of the gods

This song is also good. It’s not one of my favorites, but the chorus is pretty catchy. She uses the color Blue again in this song, like she did in “Blue Banisters” and “Beautiful.” I think Blue is a recurring theme in this album. Blue is seen as a gloomy, sad color in some circumstances, but Lana shows us, in this song, that it can also be a hyped and spontaneous color as well. Lana does a nice harmony towards the end of the song, and then goes straight into the chorus. The song has a nice meaning and great music, and it also leaves us on this open-ended conclusion. 

Where will this blue-like personality take Lana next?

Living legend

“Living Legend” is also a good song with a catchy chorus. It reminds me of “Wildflower Wildfire” because of how Lana talks about the person she admires or loves. In this song, she appreciates this person, and reflects on how important they are to her. Before, she wasn’t in a good headspace, but now she is due to her living legend. I like this song because of how meaningful it is and how much you can feel her attachment to this legend. It’s sweet and pleasing to hear. 

cherry blossms

This song gives me “Living Legend” vibes. Lana is still appreciating this person again, but is now allowing them to open up to her. She gives them compliments and gives them this space and comfort to express themselves, like they did with her in “Wildflower Wildfire.” I don’t know why I keep forgetting how this song goes because it’s so soothing. The music is so pleasant, and the meaningfulness in her lyrics just makes it so much better. It just gives such an inviting feeling to it. After listening to it again, I think it jumped up a few tiers. Really cute song!

Sweet Carolina

We’ve come to the last song. Lana ends this album with a nice sounding and upbeat song. I really like the chorus and how well it matches with the theme of the last few songs. I know that all these songs have some sort of connection to each other, but I feel from “Wildflower Wildfire” to this song, there is an even bigger connection. The story just continues peacefully through these songs. It calms down a little and makes the listeners feel like they are watching the ending of a journey. “Sweet Carolina” is a great song that showcases Lana’s beautiful raw vocals, and gives us a magical ending of an underrated, impressive album. 

Maya McKelvey is currently a college student at The College of New Jersey where she studies Communication Studies and Professional Writing. Maya spends her time writing poems, short stories, scripts, and song lyrics. Maya also is well versed in dance which she has been doing for over 7 years. Maya is an open-minded person who believes in taking risks and chances. Maya is currently the Academic, Career, and Campus editor for The College of New Jersey's Her Campus chapter. Follow her if you'd like on snapchat and Instagram @y8awesome.