Kyle and Jason Czajkowski: "The Twins"

You probably know them, or maybe you've seen them around campus... Kyle and Jason Czajkowski, commonly referred to as “the twins”, are Math-Statistics majors with an Actuarial Science minor and Industrial-Organizational Psychology major, respectively. Since high school, people have been grouping them together as “the twins”; undoubtedly due to their strong bond. I’ve now gone to school with them for six years and can honestly say I’ve never met more caring and respectful brothers. The way they look out for each other and genuinely enjoy being around each other never ceases to amaze me. It bewilders me when people claim they can’t tell them apart because I see such distinctions between the two. Everyone knows them as “the twins” but not everyone sees the different qualities they both have to offer individually. TCNJ allowed the brothers to develop their own identities even amongst a sea of people who normally see them as one.

In high school, in addition to being known as the twins, they were known as “the exceptionally athletic twins”. Having both earned 12 varsity letters, sports were a huge part of their identity. It shocked many people to find out they were not continuing their sports careers in college. However, college gave them room to discover more due to the absence of sports. Jason said, “giving up sports has been one of the best decisions we have made. We have branched out as human beings and have tried to make an impact on other people’s lives in ways other than sports”. And they most certainly have. Both Kyle and Jason are members of NetImpact and Unified Sports. They recently became Ambassadors for the school. Jason is also a member of the Entrepreneurship club and the Society for Human Resources Management, which ties into the second way they developed their own identities.

Coming into freshmen year, both Kyle and Jason were math majors; however, Jason switched to psychology because he realized a form of social work was better suited for him. Jason never really wanted to sit in an office all day. He would rather interact with people; hence his decision to go into HR. Kyle’s love and excellence for numbers directed him to a future as an actuary. Jason’s goal of going into HR and Kyle’s goal of being an actuary have shaped their mindsets in different ways and led them down different paths. In order to achieve their goals, both Kyle and Jason are taking steps towards their careers this summer. Kyle will be studying for his actuarial exams of which he hopes to pass 1 or 2. The more exams he passes the higher in the ranks he will go in that field. Jason seeks a Master’s degree in HR after TCNJ and this summer he is interning at PVH in Bridgewater with the hopes that he goes somewhere with the company.

Another huge adjustment was not living together this past year. Although they are in the same suite, there was definitely a difference from them living in the same dorm room last year. They knew the space would be beneficial to them, allowing them to have room to grow. But no worries, they are still as close as they have always been. Together they play basketball, watch sports/shows/movies, play video games, and hang out with the same friends. They continue to have an unbreakable bond that is unparalleled to any duo I’ve seen.

To the twins, continue being the awesome and kind people you both are. I know you both will go on to do great things!