Jessica Waldeck, Pump Up the Pulse

Staying fit and healthy as a college student can be extremely challenging. Working out can get boring and monotonous at times, but certified fitness instructors such as Jessica Waldeck spice up the possibilities of exercise routines at The College of New Jersey.

Collegiettes at TCNJ are lucky enough to have an assortment of fitness classes offered in the recreational center. Pump Up the Pulse is one of the classes that makes exercise fun and enjoyable while shredding calories. Jessica Waldeck (Class of 2016) is a Health and Physical Education Teaching major. The upbeat junior is a part of TCNJ Best Buddies and the CCS Mentoring program, in addition to teaching fitness classes.

She was certified as a primary aerobics instructor and obtained her certification from The American Aerobics Association International (AAAI). Her class, Pump Up the Pulse, was introduced to TCNJ just this past year. Jessica wanted to teach a boot camp-like class that wasn’t overly intimidating. High intensity workouts can sometimes seem overwhelming so she wanted to create a class that more people would want to try and create an environment where no one would be judged. Her class doesn’t require any weights or other equipment because she wanted to demonstrate to everyone that you don’t need anything except yourself and motivation to have an amazing workout.

When asking Jessica what students that are new to her class should expect she explained, “students should expect a killer workout and a good time.  Working out is hard, so I try to make the class as fun as possible.  I try and use new exercises they have never seen before and try to switch up my classes with new moves and games so that the intensity is always high but also so that everyone is having a good time.  Everyone should feel like they are a million dollars after they leave my class!”

Jess’s favorite part of her class is that everyone has so much fun. People are always laughing and excited to try new things! Giggles and fun usually aren’t paired with fitness, so seeing sweat and smiles makes her job rewarding. After asking Jessica for some advice for those who want to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle or fitness level she replied, “everyone starts at level one. Always keep aiming for the next. Eventually you’ll reach level ten or even higher. Do it for your body, for your future, and for your happiness. If you stay focused on these you’ll have it all!”

Clearly, this well-rounded, enthusiastic, motivated young woman has a great mentality and spreads her passion to those around her. With an incredibly positive attitude, stellar personality, and contagious smile Jessica will achieve all her dreams and then some. So, if you are looking for a fun, body-sculpting class with lots of laughter as well as short and long term benefits look for Pump Up the Pulse classes offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Recreational Center or try another fabulous class such as Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, Ab Blast or Boot Camp to get your body moving! Classes are free and always a great time!