Jeremy Nevitt ‘15


We interviewed this week’s cutie on wooden Adirondack chairs in a field full of clovers.  As reflected in his chosen interview location, Jeremy enjoys life’s simple pleasures.  With a passion for food and conversation, Jeremy enjoys the savory culture of New Orleans and dreams of making a life there, including his very own cooking-related talk show!

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: Williamstown, N.J.

Age/ year: 21/ Senior

Major/ minor: Graphic Design/ Interactive Multimedia

Campus Organizations: president of Alternative Break Club (ABC) and vice president of public relations for Leadership Development Program (LDP)

Post grad plans: I want to move to New Orleans, get a job in graphic design and do something creative.

Dream job: I want to be a talk-show host and focus my shows on something food-related.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled: I loved Tuscany because it is very beautiful and relaxing.

The number one thing on your bucket list: I want to go cage diving with sharks off of South Africa.  I really want to travel to Africa too!  Can I choose more than one?

Favorite band/musician: My dad was always really into music and I’m very into Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen because of him.

Fun fact: I can make balloon animals and walk on stilts.  It’s my part time job.

Role model: My brother and my younger sister are my role models.  When they achieve, I feel so proud of them.

Biggest turn on: I like people who are generally nice and put together.  I also love people who can cook!

Biggest turn off: People who have bad attitudes, rude people and people who are picky eaters.

Celebrity Crushes: Taylor Swift and Amanda Seyfried

Ideal first date: Going to a park and having a long, flowing conversation where you talk for hours and really connect.  A picnic would be nice too.

Favorite food: Frutti di mare.  It’s seafood over pasta and it’s amazing.

Hobbies: I enjoy volunteering and making people smile.

Funny quirks: I’m good at predicting people’s birthday months.

Best advice you’ve ever been given: Life goes on.

If you had to sing one karaoke song right now, what would it be?  Anything by Earth, Wind & Fire with a high falsetto.

Favorite fall treat: Apple spice donuts from Terhune