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It’s Time to Ditch Acrylic Nails: Short Nails for the Win

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Take it from me, it’s time to ditch your acrylic nails. I was an acrylic nail girly for years, and I wasn’t realizing how damaging it was to my natural nails underneath (and expensive!!). When I finally decided to remove my acrylic nails and grow out my natural ones, I couldn’t believe the damage that was left behind. My nails were brittle, short and basically breaking apart. So, I decided to start my short nail journey. It’s been about three months of my nail growth journey and they are looking better everyday! Know that you can grow out your natural nails with time and patience. 

I know short nails aren’t always as aesthetic looking as long acrylics but it takes time for them to grow out but once they do they look so nice naturally! If you still want length opt for trying Gel X. Gel X is a nail extension applied to your natural nail that causes no damage. You can read more about Gel X nails in this article from Allure in which they call Gel X “the gentlest and easiest way to wear nail extensions.” 

The term “clean girl nails” has emerged from Tik Tok referring to a natural looking classy nail. In this article from British Vogue there are some nail inspirations to inspire you to grow out your natural nails for clean, healthy looking nails.

If you want to try growing out your natural nails you can use a nail strengthener every few days which will add protection to your nails if they are brittle and soft. Also, getting regular manicures will help keep your nails maintained and picking out a fun color is always a plus.

Samantha Schepelenko is a student at The College of New Jersey. She is a senior Journalism and Professional Writing major with a Comm minor. She hopes to write for the beauty and fashion industry one day :)