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It is well known amongst Taylor Swift’s fan base that nothing she does is a coincidence. There is always a calculated and well-thought-out plan behind every move she makes, so it’s no surprise that Swifities went crazy trying to figure out why Swift showed up to the VMA red carpet wearing a gorgeous floor length black Versace dress with gold details, a dress that gives off total “Reputation” era vibes. Upon taking a closer glance into Swift’s full look, her fans concluded that it must be her way of hinting that the album Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is coming soon. 

While the colors of Swift’s dress were making it seem very clear that she had “Reputation” on her mind, it is also important to take in account the style of the dress. The uneven neckline, the high slit, and the skintight nature of the dress all contribute to give off that same edgy feeling as the “Reputation” era, which was a total vibe shift from what the world was used to getting from Swift. 

Moving up to her stunning hairdo, many fans pointed out that it is similar to one of the ones she wore in the music video for her song, “Look What You Made Me Do,” which also happens to be the first single she released to tease the album back in summer 2017. Also in the same music video scene, Swift is seen wearing an impressive collection of necklaces and rings, hence why Swifites also began to closely examine the jewelry she wore on the carpet. 

Swift has so far announced/released four of her six stolen records; “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” which dropped in April 2021, “Red (Taylor’s Version)” which dropped in November 2021, “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” which dropped in July 2023, and “1989” which is set to be released in October 2023. On the carpet, Swift wore a beautiful set of five necklaces which lead Swifties to theorize that the five necklaces were worn in order to represent all the albums she has rereleased, plus “Reputation.” The reason they believed the fifth necklace was meant to hint at Reputation (Taylor’s Version) was because it looked very similar, almost practically identical to the necklace Swift wore on the original “Reputation” album cover. 

But it wasn’t only what Swift wore that gave Swifities the idea that Reputation (Taylor’s Version) is coming. As Swift accepted the Best Pop Award (just one of the nine awards she took home that evening), she stated how although a big fan of making pop music, she also enjoys “slinking around different genres,” accompanied with moving her hands in a snake-like motion. This was a huge hint for Swifites as snakes are one of the main themes of the “Reputation” era. 

Unfortunately, nothing has been directly confirmed by Swift yet in regard to the anticipated release announcement, but that has not deterred Swifites from continuing to analyze Swift’s every move and wait anxiously on the edges of their seats as they prepare to re-experience the “Reputation” era.

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