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I Went to a LANY Concert and it was the Best Night of my Life

So I may be a little biased considering I am a huge LANY fan, but as a music and concert lover in general…the vibes at this show were simply immaculate and I had an amazing time. The vibes at a LANY show are unmatched and full of love, I would give anything to relive it! Looking back, it was truly one of the best nights of my life and I was so happy from start to finish.

For starters, if you don’t know about LANY, now is the time to check them out. They are not super well known yet, but they are definitely growing at a rapid pace, and I always recommend getting ahead of the curve when it comes to discovering a new artist. Their sound is what I describe as “California Pop” which doesn’t make sense to some, but I feel that it is the perfect description once you start to listen to them. They recently dropped a new album called “GGBBXX” which is an incredible mix of catchy pop and emotion-driven slower songs. This album has been on repeat for me since the second it dropped and I have no plans for putting it down. 

The concert was on October 9th at the MET Opera House in Philadelphia. I was general admission so I had to stand in the crowd during the entire show- but honestly, it was no problem considering I was jumping around for the entire show and was SUPER close to Paul Klein, the lead singer (and love of my life.) I was beyond excited for LANY to take the stage and when they finally did, I will be the first to admit, I burst into tears that lasted the entire opening number (an exquisite song called “Get Away.” I have been a fan since 2016 when LANY was just an opening act for Troye Sivan, and I had watched their band grow since. I was overwhelmed with love for this little band that had become so much bigger before my eyes. I’m pretty sure I fell to my knees at one point, I was such a mess! LANY loves to use really cool aesthetics on these really big screens that set the mood for each song, which further enhances the experience of the whole show. 

By the second number, my fangirl crying subsided and I was in full-on performance mode as I sang every word passionately with the audience and Paul. I was jumping around so much that after the show and for a couple of days afterward, I had full leg and abdominal pain. I was very committed and fully invested, it felt like I was in the zone. 

At one point, the fire alarms started going off even though there was no fire, which continued to interrupt the show multiple times. We did not have to evacuate, but it was getting super annoying because when the fire alarm went off, all of the speakers were cut out. Paul felt bad that our show was being interrupted so he announced that he was going to play us a special acoustic version of a song that he doesn’t play on tour anymore, “Pink Skies” from their EP “kinda.” This news caused me to completely lose my mind once again because I love the song so much. It was such a beautiful moment to hear the audience singing with Paul who played the piano. 

After this, the fire alarm issue was sorted out and the show resumed without interruptions. I knew the words to every song and sang my heart out the entire night, experiencing the best vibes. I did not have a worry or care in the world while I was there singing my favorite songs alongside my favorite band and a ton of their fans. Paul’s energy was unmatched as he sang songs from all of LANY’s discography including “ILYSB,” “Care Less,” “Hurts,” “Super Far,” “Dancing in the Kitchen,” and many more. Finally, for their final song, LANY performed “you!” from their album “mama’s boy,” which was the perfect number to end on. After their bows, LANY left the stage, and on the screen were the words “LANY LOVES YOU” which I guarantee made the whole audience feel as warm and fuzzy as it made me feel. 

Overall this concert was such an amazing time that I will never forget. I am still suffering from post-concert depression almost a month later. I will definitely be saving up to get VIP on their next tour because the only way my night could’ve been better was if I had been able to meet them! I will without a doubt be manifesting this until their next tour. I highly recommend you start listening to LANY if you are looking for new music (and so I have more people to obsess over them with.)

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