I’ve Read 62 Books This Year So Far & I’m Not Stopping

It’s the best... worst habit I’ve ever had. 


In a search for the perfect feeling of contentment in this covid-era, I have searched and shuffled through the entire Netflix library; endlessly watching a stream of binge-worthy series and documentaries. And yet, in the beginning of what I believe to be the return to normalcy, watching Netflix had not only become repetitive, but a monotonous cycle of the same content to which I could no longer handle.  


So, without further ado, I found myself onto the next biggest, and mindless waste of time: Tik Tok. Don’t get me wrong, I drank the Kool-Aid til the wee hours of the morning with red and tired eyes. But to me, it began to blend into once again the same things over and over again. I was completely and utterly bored out of my ADHD mind. 


It started with Bridgerton, and after watching the series on Netflix, I looked back and couldn’t help but to question where this idea came from, turning into one of the biggest binge hits of 2020-21. Low and behold after little research, I realized that it was a book series before; cause, aren’t they all. So I did what any lover of stories did, I began to read. Who doesn’t love the full version of something that already surpassed a peaked interest. One book became all eight, and before I knew it I was clicking “suggested for you..” time and time again. Further down the rabbit hold I found myself into authors I had never heard of before. Pirates, crime lords, lawyers, lovers, murders and betrayal; there was not one genre I hadn’t delved into head first. 


Now, 62, (and a half) books later, not only did I already reach my 50 book goal for 2021, but I still have at least eight in the queue for the next few days. Looking back on time well spent, I haven’t gotten bored once, and find myself more entertained than ever. I can honestly say I don’t remember the last time I watched something on Netflix, or better yet, wanted to. 


So next time you watch Outer Banks for the seventh time, or begin to fall asleep to Criminal Minds, that's your cue to turn it off, and open the Kindle app; you won’t be disappointed.