I’m Dying my Hair Blue and Here is Why

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I’m the type of girl who spent her life searching for who she is, and looking for ways to express that. I was the type of person who was too afraid to step out of her comfort zone,and live life like there’s no tomorrow, no matter what color hair I have. 

Life is about trial and error, the ups and downs of your journey. Something as simple as hair dye shouldn’t matter, but to me, it does-it represents a big change in my life. To me, it represents figuring out who I am, and learning to have fun with what I’m given in life. Even if it’s just about my hair! Even now, I still couldn’t commit to a permanent dye. And that’s when I came across oVertone. 

This tiny tub of sample navy hair dye was my angel in disguise. I was too scared to touch it after having it arrive in the mail at first, truly afraid of the damage it could do to what my mother calls my “natural beauty.” Anyways, here I was, with my friend’s gloved hand, ready to go with her three fingers already submerged into the gloop of blue jelly. 

After almost screaming when she first put in it, I finally had my whole under layer of curly hair flattened with the dye, waiting for the timer to end after 15 minutes. I washed it out, and of course, as I did just that: the dye didn’t show. However, something inside myself told me to keep dying it. So after three trials of disappointment and wasted money, I finally flattened the last section again, mixing the gel into each strand of brown hair. 

Eventually it came out a very dark navy blue, which presented itself prettier than I originally thought when I first washed it out of my hair. But that’s beside the point. It didn’t matter what hair color I had, or what clothes I wore, the classes I take, etc. What I realized during the whole experience is that life is going to pass you by, and if you don’t live life the way you want to at its absolute fullest extent: you’re not really living. 

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