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I Let My Friends Message My Tinder Matches and Here’s What Happened

I thought it would be a fun idea to see what kinds of messages my friends would send to the fine men of tinder, so I passed my phone to them and let them have their fun! Here are the responses I got:


The Persistent One

The One Who Knows Tiger Woods

The One Who Sleeps for Two Weeks

The One Who Thinks Urinals Will Get the Ladies

The Stalker Who Gets Right to the Point


The Cowboy


Honorable Mentions: The Ones with No Reply


The messages both sent and received made us all laugh and it was all in good fun! I’ll try not to be too sad about the ones that never responded (even though they totally could’ve been my soulmate) and move on.

Good luck with all your Tinder-ing, collegiettes!

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