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How to Stay Motivated for Finals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

The semester is winding down, and all we want to think about is spending time at the beach and finally seeing our hometown best friends. The end of the semester feels so close, but there’s still so much work before we get our long awaited summer break. If you feel yourself losing motivation to finish up final projects and start studying for finals, here are a few ways to get yourself up, excited and motivated!

1. Rewards: one of the easiest ways to stay motivated is by setting mini goals for yourself throughout the week that you will be able to accomplish. You can do this by using to-do lists, agendas, etc. Start on Sunday or Monday, and plan for the whole week. Every time you finish something you set yourself up for, reward yourself with food, sleep, or even an episode of your favorite TV show. This will help you stay on task, without getting too overwhelmed when things start to pile up.

2. Breathe & Relax: one of the most important aspects for your own sanity is to take a step back and breathe. It can be very difficult especially when you’re under loads of stress, but it is extremely important that you take just 10 minutes to relax in any way possible. During finals week, many stress reducing events take place- including free massages- so don’t forget to make good use of them!

3. Time management: this is key to ensuring you will get everything done on time. Set up a schedule for yourself indicating when you will do what and make sure you stick to it!

You got this, just a couple more weeks to go until summer!


A current elementary education student at TCNJ. I have a passion for teaching, I love to write, watch TV, I'm a foodie and love anything related to fashion/beauty!