How to Spruce Up Your Bullet Journal When You Can’t Draw

Are you bad at drawing? Maybe you’ve always liked the idea of having your own bullet journal, but you’ve been too intimidated to start your own, since you’re not an artist. This little guide will give you some helpful tips on making your bullet journal more aesthetically pleasing with little to no effort!


  1. 1. Washi Tape 

    Washi Tape is going to be your new best friend when you start this bullet journal. Although it can be somewhat expensive depending on where you go, check out this affordable washi tape on Amazon.



  2. 2. Stickers

    Stickers are another essential for bullet journaling. You can place them however you want in order to keep yourself organized or even hype yourself up when you complete the tasks you’ve written down for yourself. Check out this great sticker book to help you get journaling!

  3. 3. Free online templates

    Another useful thing to do is to go online and print out free templates for your bullet journal. These are some of my personal favorites from Diary of a Journal Planner, College Life Made Easy, and iHeartPlanners. 

  4. 4. Adding some photos 

    You can also print out a bunch of your favorite pictures to add to your journal. It’s a nice way to spruce it up a little. If you have a color printer, you can print a few of your favorites or look up some nice black and white designs.

  5. 5. Easy doodles

    While you might not be an artist with insane drawing skills, doodling can be something that will make your bullet journal ten times cuter and more efficient! Not only do these doodles keep you organized, but you can also make them match whatever spread you have decided to create that month! Here are a few examples from TealNotes.

I hope these quick tips and tricks gave you some ideas on how to adorn your bullet journal.