How to: Random Roommates to Friends

You’ve added each other on Facebook. You’ve awkwardly exchanged phone numbers and have been texting about, “What color is the rug you’re bringing?” “Does your duvet cover go with my duvet cover?” It’s okay. We’ve all been there and we’ve all grown from it. But how do you overcome that Random Roommate Relationship hurdle?

Late night talks. College is a completely new and different environment than High School. The first few nights, even the first few weeks, can be overwhelming. With all of the nerves, anxiety, and excitement running through your mind 24/7, falling into a peaceful slumber is a pretty tricky pursuit. You’re not alone – you’re roommate is also tossing and turning in her bed. Instead of sulking in the silence alone, strike up a conversation about the day: your worries, your goals, your background are all great conversation topics. Soon enough the two of you will be lights out, in your separate beds, discussing the day's events until two in the morning.

Go to the library together. In the first few months of school, going alone places can be pretty intimidating. Bring along your handy dandy roommate! The two of you may start out quiet at a table on the second floor, but soon enough the two of you will be discussing your classes, professors and assignments. Everyone needs a little break from their studies – take that much needed break with your new roomie!

Order out.  Eickhoff hall may become familiar and tiresome and you’ll be craving some “real world food.” The two of you will start with a simple order of “Penne Vodka”, but by the time the delivery man shows up you’ll have ordered two salads, two sides, a small pizza pie (just in case…) and a slice of tiramisu (of course!). Invite the whole floor to order out, too! Everyone needs some good Italian food.

Together is always better. Acapella concert? Go together! Midnight run to the C-Store? Go together! Freshmen year will be filled with everlasting memories. If you think your roommate is someone you’d like to be good friends with, share those moments together. Going through similar experiences will bond the two of you together. Even if your roommate doesn’t become your closest friend, you’ll remember that’s whom you spent the “Karaoke Night at Welcome Week” with. By the end of year, the two of you will have an especially familiar phrase: “Do you remember when…”

Time. Don’t be discouraged if you and your roommate don’t hit it off right away. All good things take time. Keep sharing personal tidbits about yourself with one another and keep sharing experiences. Your roommate is the one you’ll be spending the most of your time with – make the most of this time. Also, remember that first impressions are just that: First. Impressions. Keep in mind that college is a monumental transition and everyone experiences change differently.

Be Kind. Extend a smile and a helping hand. Change is never easy, but if you approach change with a positive attitude, you may find the transition to be a lot easier.

When Spring semester is over and packing your stuffed car is your main objective, you’ll reflect about the beginning of your college journey. You’ll close your filled trunk, pause, and remember (and hopefully smile!) about whom you shared it all with.