How Quickly Break Up Season Became Cuffing Season

Coming out of summer and into a fresh new semester, everyone is in frenzy to be single. For those in relationships, they see their single friends out and get infected with the single bug. So snip, snip! Break up season commences. In the month of September alone, I knew 20 couples that broke up. It seems like one breakup has a domino effect and suddenly the plague is spreading. Naturally when you see your friends becoming single, you begin to question your own relationship. However, during break-up season, these little doubts turn into relationship-breaking boulders. Newly single friends encourage their friends to break up and soon enough the whole friend group is single.

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So the whole crew becomes single and all hell breaks loose. Everyone is thriving and praising break up season. Left and right the words “break up season” are the answer to everything. Life is good. All your girls are doing whatever they want, enjoying their independence. Then suddenly, there is a chill in the air. By the time the first leaf falls, one of the girls rekindles her romance with her ex-bae. As soon as the scarves come out, two more. And by the time the winter coats are on, all bets are off. We’ve entered cuffing season -- brace your single selves. As the weather gets colder, people begin turning on the heat in their relationships to mimic their thermostats. But why is it so systematic? Why, like clockwork, do people switch from wanting to flee their relationships to fleeing to a relationship? Simply put: the holidays.

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In the back of everyone’s minds, people are thinking about doing cute coupley things for the fall and winter. You have Halloween to do a cute couples costume. Then Thanksgiving to dress up and bring your bae to Friendsgiving. And finally -- the cream of the crop -- Christmas. As we get older, the “most wonderful time of the year” doesn’t feel so “wonderful” when you’re single. After all, there are so many cozy things to do during the month of December, all leading up to a midnight kiss to ring in the new year. I have a lot of complaints about all these amazing holidays being so close together and this is definitely one of them. People shouldn’t feel obligated to be in a relationship because of the time of year. Yet, the cycle continues as the weather warms up. By now it’s a science: add heat and see relationships dissipate but turn the dial lower and watch them form again.

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