How to do Friendsgiving at Home

You and your friends have always talked about hosting Friendsgiving dinner, and now that everyone is in college, this Thanksgiving break seems like the perfect time to celebrate. With lots of meat, potatoes, and pie, what could possibly go wrong? Here are a few things to help you have a successful Friendsgiving.

Provide the Turkey

The host should provide the turkey for the table. Or maybe a large rotisserie chicken because we are all broke college students and just maybe, we can’t afford a 14 pound turkey.

Divide and Conquer the Other Dishes

Everyone else should bring their own dish. Make it a potluck style, but just be sure that no one brings five plates of mashed potatoes. If you really want to be efficient, assign foods to your friends. They can buy it at the store or make it themselves, but just make sure that there is at least one pumpkin pie amongst your spread of food.

Beware of Dietary Restrictions

You’ve all been friends for a while, so make sure you don’t accidently put peanuts in the casserole. An allergy related disaster is not what you need during Friendsgiving.

Have a Fall Playlist

Sure, you guys might have a lot to catch up on, but awkward Thanksgiving silence is what we are trying to avoid. Put on something that alludes to the cold weather or maybe get a headstart on your Christmas tunes.

Decorate for the Event

AKA go Pinterest crazy. Everyone has a secret Pinterest board of crafts that we will never actually get to. Maybe this is the time. Grab your closest friend and make a Friendsgiving banner or some placement cards.

Use Target to your Advantage

The dollar section at Target will be your greatest advantage. Buy a small plastic pumpkin, a fall themed tablecloth, or some fake leaves to artfully scatter around the plates. Just remember there is no such thing as going overboard with autumnal decorations.

Don’t be Afraid to Unbuckle Your Pants

You’re all friends. If you eat a little too much, just pop a button (or two). No one will judge you for enjoying your food.

Be Grateful

Your friends are all gathered, everyone is full, and at the end of the day, the fact that you are all together is something to be incredibly grateful for.

Take a Breath 

Relax. Even if something goes haywire, you’ll still be surrounded by your chosen family. They will always be willing to help you with anything, and the whole point of this is to celebrate your time with them. Smile, eat, and enjoy your Friendsgiving.

Autumn is an amazing season, and it should be cherished with all of your friends and family. Friendsgiving is a great opportunity to take advantage of sharing a meal with your friends, laughing and catching up on the months that have passed by so quickly. College might be tough, but knowing your friends have your back is the best feeling ever, and Friendsgiving celebrates that to the greatest extent. So be free and plan the best Friendsgiving dinner ever.