How College Has Changed Since The Class of 2019 Started

For all of my fellow graduating seniors, a lot has changed since we first came to college. Allow me to take you back to a simpler time before capstone classes, grad school applications and perfecting your LinkedIn page. The year is 2015, Closer by the Chainsmokers is playing and Juuling didn’t exist yet. Here are some other things that have changed since we started college.

  1. 1. We still had Vine.

  2. 2. Headphones had wires

  3. 3. Post Malone hadn’t released Congratulations yet.

  4. 4. One Direction was still together.

  5. 5. The Hotline Bling music went viral.

  6. 6. And so did Hello by Adele.

  7. 7. People still said things like 'bae' or #RelationshipGoals

  8. 8. Cardi B wasn't a household name yet.

  9. 9. Kylie Jenner had just launched Kylie Cosmetics.

  10. 10. Justin Bieber wasn't married.