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Her Campus Survival Kit: Summer Essentials

In between final projects, papers and exams, you’re probably daydreaming about road trips down the shore. Celebrate yourself and everything you’ve accomplished this semester by relaxing near the waves with your toes in the sand without a care in the world. To save you from having to think of what to pack, we’ve put together a list of must-haves for a day at the beach!

Before the trip:

·      Chloe + Isabel: Celebrate yourself for making it through a challenging school year with beautiful jewelry from Chloe + Isabel.

·      Crunch Live: Get in shape before hitting the beach and utilize these online classes.  Save yourself the hassle of signing up and cancelling a gym membership.

·      Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin: Learn money saving tips and save enough to go on an even longer beach trip in the future

During the trip:

·      Chipotle: Hungry on your drive? Stop at the nearest Chipotle and satisfy that healthier craving for Mexican food.

·      Boohoo: Find a super cute bathing suit or sundress to wear at the beach on boohoo.

·      Blink Tattoos: Show some personality at the beach with these fun temporary tattoos.

·      The Her Campus Guide to College Life: A perfect summer read, learn helpful tips on classes, relationships, and extracurriculars to become an even more successful you next semester!

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