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Her Campus Brings UNREAL Candy to TCNJ

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Three weeks ago I got an email from my hall office – I had a package waiting for me.  As soon as I got the chance, I excitedly ran over to see what it would be.  I told the student working behind the desk my name and was immediately identified as the girl with all the boxes.  Seven boxes later, I was sitting in my room surrounded by candy.

I had been expecting the shipment from UNREAL candy, but had no idea it would be of this magnitude.  Our chapter of Her Campus had decided to partner with this candy company in their campaign to promote their “unjunked” candy.  Made without corn syrup, artificial ingredients or partially hydrogenated oils and with more cacao, peanuts, protein, fiber and real caramel, it’s a smart indulgence for any collegiette.  We placed an order for 1000 samples, which for a school with only about 6000 students may seem like a lot, but we were confident that such a sweet product would not be difficult to give away. 

Because these were samples we could hand out around campus for free, I had expected them to be miniature versions of the actual products.  However, after hauling those seven heavy boxes, it was clear that there was nothing mini about this candy.  UNREAL Candy provided us with 1000 full-sized samples of four of their products.

Her Campus TCNJ passed out these samples in classes as Valentine’s Day treats, in the Stud to passersby during meal equiv, and as party favors at our birthday bash, celebrating Her Campus’ second year at TCNJ.  It turns out, the TCNJ community is a big fan of UNREAL candy.

Junior English major and Her Campus Events Editor Rachel Chlebowski felt that the candy was a great addition to Her Campus’ event.  “The candy really made the Birthday Bash,” she said.

Christopher Molicki, a junior journalism major, felt that UNREAL candy was better than other name brand candy he has had. 

For more information about this guilt-free candy, check out this video.