HCTCNJ's Very Own: Stephanie Orfanakos

With Thanksgiving nearing, we want to express our gratitude for one of our amazing HCTCNJ staff members: Stephanie Orfanakos!

Stephanie is the co-editor-in-chief of HCTCNJ and works hard to make sure that the content is great and that members are always loving the experience of being a part of such a great organization. She is such a rock star when it comes to the things she is able to make happen. "My favorite thing about being a co-editor-in-chief of HCTCNJ is learning about the different people that are on campus. I also like creating editorial calendars & hearing our writers ideas."

Aside from helping run HCTCNJ, Stephanie is in Alpha Xi Delta, Lambda Pi Eta, Hellenic Society, and [email protected]! She definitely loves being involved and loves her busy schedule. This 100% Greek senior is a Communication Studies major and Marketing minor. She absolutely loves being a Communication Studies major and said "I've really like the classes I've taken. They've taught me how to effectively communicate in person and on paper. My favorite class was debate with Dr. Woodward. The class really allowed me to learn how to think on my feet and helped me for interviews."

Stephanie is very involved with her sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, and is currently working with them to raise money for their philanthropy: Austism Speaks. "1 in 68 children is diagnosed with autism. It costs a family with an autistic child $60,000 per year on average. This upcoming week, AXiD is having Xiti with the Xi's on November 19th. This is an all you can eat buffet featuring ziti, salad, and dessert. Tickets are $5 from a sister or $7 at the door. The money raised is going to Autism Speaks. On November 16th there is going to be a Dine and Donate at Piccolo's and on November 17th there is going to be a bake sale in the STUD."  Stephanie would love to see these events be very successful so that AXiD can raise as much money as possible!

Stephanie was born in Boston and her favorite color is purple! She has a growing interest in photography and is hoping to get a new camera for graduation, but we're hoping graduation comes very slowly, because we don't want her to leave us! We're always so amazed by how Steph can do just about anything! She's the kind of girl who can take on a plethora of responsibilities and handle it all with grace. Right now she is interning for a marketing agency, which is where she discovered that she wants to go into content marketing after graduation. We love hearing about everything Stephanie does at TCNJ and know that once graduation does arrive she will be moving on to a very successful future. 

Thanks Steph for all you do for HCTCNJ!