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Olivia Rodrigo has taken the world by storm with her second concert tour—the GUTS World Tour. Starting on February 23, 2024, at the Acrisure Arena in California, the 21-year-old pop star has pulled out all the stops for her first arena tour with a butterfly-shaped stage consisting of two catwalks, a giant crescent moon prop that ascends over the crowd, and a new tank top for the encore performance every night of the tour. Though the tour is geared toward her second studio album, “GUTS,” fans are elated by the setlist which consists of the entire “GUTS” album and almost every song from her debut album, “SOUR.”

The GUTS World Tour has received rave reviews, which is a test of Olivia Rodrigo’s rockstar stage presence and dynamic vocals. Alongside her performance quality, the praise for this tour has also been directed toward three other areas that showcase Olivia’s positive impact on society.


When Olivia announced the tour, she stated that there would not be a general sale, which is considerate since her team understood the demand for her tour before promising a general sale. The only options for purchasing tickets were American Express’s Early Access presale and Ticketmaster’s presale.

In addition to this, Olivia opted for “Silver Star Tickets” for the North American dates. These tickets are available for $20 to the shows and are only to be purchased in pairs. When purchasing, the fan is unaware of where they will be seated in the area, however, the pair is guaranteed a seat next to each other. This affordable, stress-free option is new and should be implemented by other artists so that more tickets are placed in the hands of fans and not scammers.


Olivia has chosen to donate a significant amount of profits from the tour to charities that she is passionate about. On the first night of the tour in Palm Springs, Olivia announced that a portion of proceeds from tickets would be donated to Fund 4 Good and The National Network of Abortion Funds of North America. Fund 4 Good was initiated by Olivia to support women, girls, and people seeking reproductive health equities and proper education. These organizations will help individuals most impacted by systemic racism and misogyny and provide them with reproductive rights.

At her show in Missouri, Olivia’s team provided emergency contraceptives and condoms to fans in attendance. Unfortunately, Olivia and her team received backlash for this because young fans make up a significant majority of her audience. In light of this negative feedback, they are no longer distributing emergency contraceptives and condoms. However, in an effort to continue recognizing philanthropy at her shows, informational materials, buttons, and stickers will continue to be distributed.

Opening Acts

Four different opening acts will be in rotation throughout the tour—Chappell Roan, The Breeders, Remi Wolf, and PinkPantheress. One of those emerging artists’, Chapell Roan’s, fame has skyrocketed since she took the stage at the GUTS World Tour. Chappell’s fun aesthetic and style, which is influenced by the drag scene, is what makes her so unique and loved by many. Her performance quality is unmatched and with so much buzz surrounding her, she is quickly turning into the next new pop star.

With all of these amazing attributes, this tour is sure to impress and will continue to receive tons of praise and attention on social media. Olivia Rodrigo will be taking on Europe, starting with Dublin, Ireland on April 30, 2024.

Natalie Ciarricco is a senior English major with minors in Communications and Management at TCNJ! She is a huge foodie and is obsessed with pop music, dancing, journaling, and traveling. She hopes to become a Project Manager after graduation and grow her professional experience!