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As the leaves transform to their peak level of color and crispness and the air becomes cold and brisk, I find myself getting more and more into a granola-girl-autumn-like-state. “Granola?” you may ask, “like the healthy snack?” Well, no, not exactly–but you’re on the right track. “Granola” is a slang term that was popularized around 2020, described by Urban Dictionary as “a new-age/more civilized hippie who can usually be found journaling in an Eno in the middle of the forest.” Someone who is “granola” loves the outdoors, hiking, and that all-natural vibe.

Would I describe myself as granola? No, not really. It’s honestly just a silly term used to describe an aesthetic, the same way as “e-boy” or “VSCO-girl.” But, to me, granola-type music is really fun to listen to in the Autumn while walking through a huge pile of leaves and pretending you’re hiking in Maine while wearing Chacos and staying hydrated with a Camelbak water bottle attached to your travel-backpack. The following 25 songs fit that vibe, in my opinion. Feel free to listen to the Spotify playlist embedded below with all these tunes while living your granola-girl fantasy!

“Kerina” by Adrianne lenker and buck meek

Get ready to see a lot of Adrianne Lenker on this playlist. Her folksy tone and beautifully written lyrics make me romanticize absolutely anything I do.

“Sleep on the floor” by the lumineers 

I’m sure you were expecting some of The Lumineers on this list, because what would a granola playlist be without them? Their music reminds me of what would be playing if you were sitting around a campfire with a bunch of friends on a nature-y trip before getting ready to sleep in an old-fashioned tent. The title, “sleep on the floor,” is fitting for this.

“hold on” by alabama shakes

“katie queen of tennessee” by the apache relay

This song is like magic, trust me.

“you’re too weird” by fruit bats 

“stubborn love” by the lumineers

“jackie and wilson” by hozier

Hozier is an artist who is probably *actually* granola. I mean, look at his hipster style, and that beard! I’d be surprised if he makes his music in an actual studio and not just in a mossy forest with forest friends.

“i’m writing a novel” by father john misty

“hello my old heart” by the oh hellos 

“all we ever knew” by the head and the heart 

“woodland” by the paper hearts

Everything about this song screams wandering through a forest… it was a must-include.

“the girl” by city and colour

“each coming night” by iron & wine 

All Iron & Wine songs have the most gorgeously written lyrics. I love falling asleep to their songs and find that they always transport me to a calm and tranquil state.

“washing dishes” by jack johnson

Jack Johnson, aka the man behind the “Curious George” soundtrack, reminds me of happy autumn strolls like no other. As my housemate says: “Jack Johnson on, world off.” 

“a better time to meet” by adrianne lenker and buck meek 

“sedona” by houndmouth

“real love baby” by father john misty

The warm and fuzzy feeling that Father John Misty’s music gives listeners is indescribable. I’ve always wanted to see him live in the fall-time.

“heart it races” by dr. dog

“angel” by fleetwood mac 

“cactus tree” by joni mitchell

“dragon eyes” by adrianne lenker

“forever” by alex g

“mayla” by edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros

If you’ve ever seen a photo or video of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, you would be well aware that they are just about the most granola-hippie band out there, and their music matches their look completely!

“gone” by adrianne lenker

“ripple” by grateful dead 

I thought “Ripple” was the perfect way to end this playlist. It’s somber and calming mood reminds me of driving through a tree-lined road on the way back from a long hike in Autumn.

Jordan is a senior Psychology major and Women & Gender Studies minor at TCNJ, with an interest in becoming a clinical psychologist in the future. In her free time, she loves making lengthy spotify playlists, drawing, trying out new recipes, and rewatching the same 5 tv shows over and over.
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