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Going Greek: Jenna Wilson, TCNJ’s Panhellenic Council President

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

With formal sorority recruitment officially underway, many girls are growing closer to joining Greek life here at TCNJ. Jenna Wilson, a junior accounting major, President of TCNJ’s Panhellenic Council, and this week’s Campus Celebrity plays a huge role in the recruitment process and had much to say about Greek life here at TCNJ!

Currently, 19% of the TCNJ student body is involved in the Greek community. “The Greek community provides countless opportunities to get involved on campus, meet amazing people, and contribute to philanthropic initiatives,” said Jenna.

Going Greek is certainly more than meets the eye. Jenna explained, “being Greek is more than just making new friends and getting letter shirts. Joining a Greek organization means taking a vow to be the best version of yourself, striving to be a woman of integrity and character and dedicating time and resources to give back to our community.”

As a freshman Jenna was hesitant to rush; however, she kept an open mind open and began the recruitment process. For her, the turning point was the experience she had during recruitment rounds. “When I went into my organization’s room during the recruitment rounds, I found myself extremely comfortable conversing with the women and the conversation was very natural and authentic. I felt that ‘aha moment’ when I realized that I could see myself being friends with these women, and at that point I knew I wanted to be a member of this sorority and of Greek life in general.”

After immersing herself into the various aspects of sorority life, Jenna yearned for deeper participation within Greek life on campus.

The leadership and involvement of an older sister inspired Jenna to spread Greek community values by joining TCNJ’s Panhellenic Council. “Panhellenic would provide me with the opportunities to make a positive impact on TCNJ’s campus and to enhance the college experiences of sorority women, which drove me to apply for the position,” Jenna said.

After gaining valuable experience as the Inter-Greek Council Panhellenic Liaison and the Panhellenic Vice President, Jenna’s passion for leadership and her promotion of  positive relations between Greek organizations at TCNJ led her to become the President of TCNJ’s Panhellenic Council.

In the past few weeks, Jenna and the entire Panhellenic Council have been working hard to ensure a successful sorority recruitment. The recruitment process at TCNJ is a “mutual selection process” and Jenna noted that “this mutual selection has been extremely effective in placing women into sororities that they match with, enabling TCNJ’s recruitment process to be successful year after year.”

The position of President has challenged Jenna to utilize her leadership skills in various ways. “My experience as Panhellenic President has taught me the importance of being unbiased and fair. As a Panhellenic Council, it is our duty to work with sorority members to enhance their experiences and create opportunities for sorority women on campus.”

Sorority recruitment can definitely be a nerve-wracking, yet exciting experience. Jenna has become immensely familiar with the entire process, and has valuable advice for girls currently rushing.

“Do not let your friends influence your feelings on the sororities- recruitment is all about finding where you fit in! Also, it is completely okay if you do not join the same sorority that your friends do.  TCNJ sororities have amazing relations with each other and joining different organizations will not negatively impact your friendships whatsoever.  The most important part of sorority recruitment is finding an organization for you to call home.”

Jenna Wilson has established herself as a leader on campus, truly embodying the community spirit of TCNJ as she continues to make the Greek community at TCNJ the best it can be!