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Glossier: The Real Deal on the Cult Beauty Brand

Glossier has gradually become one of the most talked about and demanded beauty brands for millennials across the board. Its minimalist yet innovative products have created a huge impact on social media and in people’s beauty routines alike. I decided to look more into the origins of this cult brand and really see what it is all about. 

Glossier branched out from founder Emily Weiss’s beauty blog titled “Into the Gloss.” Emily Weiss began her career at Teen Vogue magazine and moved around different companies within Condé Nast (global media company that produces some of the world’s biggest print: such as GQ, The New Yorker, and Vanity Fair) until deciding to leave in 2010 to launch her blog. “Into the Gloss” quickly gained popularity and captivated readers with its witness and coverage on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Forbes reported that, “With some 1.5 million Instagram followers, Glossier has been named as a top beauty brand by Allure, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Nylon, Women’s Wear Daily and Cosmopolitan.” So what is it about Glossier that has everyone so captivated? 

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An innovative element of Glossier production that I didn’t know about before is that they essentially “co-create” their products, meaning they ask their consumers what kind of products they would like to see before going into production. Typically, traditional beauty brands will have their products developed first, and then figure out how to sell them. This idea of putting the people’s needs at the forefront and listening to what they need initially is a characteristic that makes Glossier unique and more personalized.

The minimalist aesthetic of Glossier’s range of products is another element that attracts millennials. Its simplistic packaging is perfect for anyone’s Instagram feed and it’s hard to resist its signature white and pink packaging!

Inclusivity and individuality are two elements that Glossier heavily promotes in their message. Glossier’s president and CFO, Henry Davis stated that “The main thing Glossier stands for is the power of the individual to choose their own style, to make connections with other people, to ask questions, and to better understand the things that they may want. Glossier exists purely to serve what we hear from those people about what they want.” The brand represents all people and this is clear through things like their extensive shade range to their inclusion of both male and female related content on their social media platforms. Glossier is for anyone and everyone and a celebration of having a voice and a choice. The brand is a real inspiration for self-starters everywhere, and I’m excited to really look into their range of products!

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Grace Reynoso is a Junior Communications Major with a Public/Mass Media track. She is originally from Ridgewood, New Jersey and has always been into all things beauty, fashion, and music! Grace also loves creating new looks on her makeup page and writing songs! Follow her on Instagram: @grace.reynoso, her makeup IG @glossbygracie_, and her soundcloud: @urfriendgrace
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