Georgann Kaliroff: Making The Most of Her Years at TCNJ

To say Georgann Kaliroff has her hands full is an understatement. Kaliroff is an Ambassador, a member of Sigma Kappa Sorority, the VP of Marketing of the Inter-Greek Council, an Orientation Leader, and a general member of Unified Sports. Not to mention she is double majoring in Marketing and Communications Studies.  For as long as I have known Georgann, she has always been the first to put herself out there, get involved, and always lends a hand.

Although she is currently thriving at TCNJ, Georgann originally didn’t see herself here. However, after countless college visits, a fabulous ambassador, and personal tours from high school friends, she realized TCNJ was the place for her. “Everyone had a smile on their face when walking around campus and the classroom sizes were perfect for me,” she said.  Since making the decision to come to TCNJ, Georgann literally became the college’s personal cheerleader, always repping TCNJ wherever and whenever. Because of this, Georgann was destined to be an ambassador. As she was impacted by an ambassador, she enjoys being able to impact potential students’ college decisions. Georgann is always in her stripes whether it's on a tour or raving about school at home. She just has a genuine love for the school that she shares with all who want to listen. “I highlight the great things about the school and I never hold back from saying my opinions about improvements that can be made.”

In addition to ambassadors, Georgann was an orientation leader this year. She described the experience as being rewarding and encourages anyone to apply. However, she claims she was just as nervous going into Welcome Week from the other side as she was once being a freshman herself. “I wanted to make sure my freshmen had an above average experience like I did. It felt different because I was not at all the events and activities they did, but when I was, I thoroughly enjoyed it.” It’s remarks like these that reveal Georgann’s golden heart. She is always striving to make others happy and genuinely cares about the people she encounters.

After working with her father in his sales and marketing business, Georgann realized she wanted to pursue a career in that field. While she isn’t certain of exactly what she has a passion for photography and plans to incorporate it into her job. This summer she hopes to get an internship and expand her freelance photography as well as work with businesses to build her portfolio. “It is my heart and soul. I love coming up with creative ideas and taking photos of whatever is in front of me. I enjoy seeing things from my own perspective through the lens and then hearing people interpret what happened while taking the picture or what is happening in the scene. It is all about being creative and spontaneous.”

To Georgann, I see only great things coming from you. You will never cease to amaze me with your willingness to add more on your plate and still have time to be there for anyone who needs you.

Above are a few of Kaliroff's photos...