Fuller House-The Tanner Family is Back!

Fans of the popular 90’s sitcom “Full House” are getting a glimpse into their childhood with the release of the series sequel, “Fuller House.” This 13-episode, Netflix original series was released on February 26th and is guaranteed to evoke memories of everyone’s favorite San Francisco family. While the house may seem exactly the same, just modernized, the plot line is also extremely similar to the series predecessor. D.J. Tanner is now a widow, mother of three, and a veterinarian. After the passing of her husband, she returns home to receive some help with her kids, including an adorable baby named Tommy. Stephanie Tanner looks much older and is traveling the world in attempts to start a musical career. And believe it or not, the infamous neighbor, Kimmy Gibbler, is now a party planner as well as a mother to a teenager. Gibbler’s crazy sense of style and comical antics are as funny as ever. Long story short, Stephanie and Kimmy end up moving into the Tanner house to help D.J. with her children.

The “Full House” adults that we all grew up loving also make small appearances throughout the series. Danny Tanner gives D.J. the house since he is moving to Los Angeles for a new talk show with Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis, or more well-known as Aunt Becky. She is still happily married to Uncle Jesse, who is as good looking as ever, and still uses his famous “have mercy” line. Their twins, Nicky and Alex, have really grown up and are in college now. Uncle Joey, or Joey Gladstone, is now a Las Vegas comedian who is still telling jokes and doing voice impersonations.

The only cast members who seem to be missing are Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen, who shared the role of Michelle Tanner. Their absence is even mentioned in the first episode as Michelle is said to be in New York building a fashion empire. Besides her, all of the cast members we have grown to know and love have returned along with the addition of a few adorable and witty kids. Fuller House seems to be doing decent in the ratings department as IMDb gave it a 7.8 out of 10 and TV.com rated it an 8 out of 10. Less than one week after its Netflix debut, it was announced that the show is already renewed for a second season. If you are nostalgic about your childhood days, want to see your favorite cast reunite, and are in for a lot of laughs, Fuller House is the perfect show for all that and more.

And if you disagree with that statement, as Stephanie Tanner would say, “how rude!”