From Full House to Fuller House

It’s been almost 20 years since Full House ended and it’s about time Full House made a comeback. The family comedy will be titled “Fuller House” and is expected to air in 2016. The reunion series will include many from the original cast including our very own DJ Tanner played by Candace Cameron Brue who will be starred as a widowed mother on the series. The very hilarious Kimmy Gibler, played by Andrea Barber and DJ’s younger sister, Stephanie Tanner played by Jodie Sweetin, will also star in the show.

The big question is — will Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen comeback to play the role of Michelle? Apparently the twins had no idea the show was in the works and only came to know about “Fuller House” when John Stamos, also known as every young girl’s first crush, Uncle Jesse, mentioned the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Nothing has been confirmed with the full cast, but there have been rumors of having the Olsen twins’ younger sister play the role of Michelle. Be sure to stay tuned and see what the reunion series has in store!