Fred Stange, '16


Let’s say hello to this week’s Campus Cutie! You’ve probably seen him singing and acting in TMT’s Cabaret, Pippin and Footloose while showing off his incredible talent. Fred not only has a passion for musical theater, but for biology as well. As an aspiring doctor, this cutie has big plans for the future and loves to travel the world! Meet Fred! 

Name: Fred Stange

Age/School Year: 20, Sophomore

Relationship Status: Single

Hometown: Andover, NJ

Major: Biology

Campus Organizations: TCNJ Musical Theatre, TCNJ Honors Program

Post-Grad Plans: Medical school

Dream Job: Dermatologist

Biggest Turn-ons: Someone who is witty, thoughtful, and intelligent, but also modest.

Biggest Turn-offs: Someone who can't hold a conversation.

Weird Habits: I often count in specific patterns according to my steps when walking somewhere (I don't think I'm insane?).

Favorite Movie: American Hustle

Favorite Food: Probably sushi, but also BBQ chicken pizza.

Favorite Part About TCNJ: All of the incredible friends I've made, and obviously meal equiv.

Proudest Moment at TCNJ: Being elected next year's Vice President of TMT.

Favorite Place You’ve Ever Traveled: Peru with Medlife this past January.

Favorite Musician: I've recently been obsessed with Lorde, but Lady Gaga will always be number one!

#1 Thing on Your Bucket List: I definitely want to visit every continent (maybe except Antarctica).

Pet Peeves: When people complain non-stop.

Guilty Pleasure: Spending money, usually on clothes I don't need.