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Five Things to Know Before Seeing Steve Aoki Live

As a pioneer in the DJing world, Steve Aoki is most famous for his fast-paced music and reputation.

However, after the release of his 2016 Netflix documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, it seems as though there is more to Aoki than the loud music and EDM festivals he produces. Here are five facts you should know about Steve Aoki before seeing him live.


1.Let There be Cake!

Aoki is famous for throwing cake at his fans during his shows. This has become his trademark and people in the front row hold signs hoping to be the lucky fan.


2. A Famous Father

Aoki’s father, known best as Rocky Aoki, founded the successful restaurant chain known as Benihana. Rocky Aoki was also an avid sportsman and heavily influence Steve to work hard in life.


3. Dim Mak

Dim Mak Records was founded by Aoki early on in his music career and has since recorded with many different bands and artists. The label is a testament to Aoki’s hardworking personality.


4. Punk Before EDM

Before he became one of the world’s most successful DJs, Aoki was in a few hardcore punk bands in college. Still today, he incorporates aspects of punk into EDM, and has worked with bands like Blink-182.


5. Block Party

As featured in his documentary, the city of Los Angeles allowed Aoki and his team to conduct an EDM block party in 2015, known as LAoki.

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