Five Reasons You Need to Watch Elite on Netflix

*This article contains spoilers*


If you love General Hospital or the Young and the Restless, you’re in for a treat. Netflix’s Elite is absolutely your next soap opera obsession. The show follows the lives of a group of high school students, three of which came from a poor community on a scholarship because their school’s roof collapsed. At the end of the first episode, viewers find out there has been a murder, but that’s just the beginning to this crazy eight-episode drama.


1. There are twists and turns in EVERY episode

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Just when you think you’ve figured out who the murderer is, a new plot twist is revealed to make you completely reconsider anything you thought before. But the murder isn’t the only plot line that is all over the place. There are love triangles, blackmail, and even family drama—the producers thought of everything.


2. The entire show is in Spanish

Subtitles are your friends. Its really easy to catch on to reading and paying attention to what is happening on screen. By the end of season one, you’ll be yelling “Ay, dios mío!” about everything that unfolds.


3. You can finish the season in a day

Don’t have time to watch an excessively long season? Elite is the definition of binge-worthy. The episodes are about an hour each, but each one ends on a cliff-hanger so it’s almost inevitable to say “I have to watch the next one!” So you could watch the entire season in one sitting and it would only equate to one work day. Can you say, sick day?


4. The acting

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Elite doesn’t have stereotypical bad acting that comes with most soap operas. The actors make it feel like you’re right there with them, trying to figure out the murder and all the other issues that arise. Plus the actors aren’t all that bad to look at, either.


5. There’s going to be another season 

Every different storyline has unanswered questions that we all NEED to know the answers to. But don’t worry, the chaos will continue in 2019!