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Five Pinboards You Never Thought of Creating

Admit it Pinterest lovers, you have a not-so-secret wedding Pinboard, frequently re-Pin dessert recipes, and have your own style look-book. Pinterest is your virtual image diary; each Pinboard represents an interesting topic or facet of your life. But with Pinterest’s popularity and variety of categories, you can do so much more than freak your boyfriend out with wedding plans. There are Pinboard ideas you probably never even considered! It’s time to get creative with Pinterest.

You have your travel plans, inspirational quotes, and future DIYs all categorized, so now it’s time to take your Pinning up a notch. Here are five new ways to utilize the social media site that stray from your classic college girl Pinboards.

College Bucket List

Want to dine with Dean Rifkin, be a part of the winning Homecoming team, or sit front row at the fall concert? Add these ideas to your College Bucket List Pinboard! Search for related images that incorporate various TCNJ rites of passage, activities you want to participate in, and shenanigans you just have to do before you graduate. Whether your college dreams consist of researching with a professor, interning at a killer magazine, or climbing good old Roscoe the Lion, be sure to compile them all in one spot. Then, write brief descriptions under the image. Saying you’ll do something is one thing, but viewing it will actually inspire you to get moving on this list!

The Pinteresting Résumé

A professional take on Pinterest is to create a Pinboard résumé. In doing this, you can provide an intriguing, visual way for potential employers to see what you’re all about. Pin logos of organizations that you’re involved in, click “Pin it” on articles you’ve written (which directs viewers to the actual article when they click the image on your Pinboard), depict academic interests, and clearly indicate your aspirations with pictures. All of these Pins should have brief one-to-two sentence descriptions about yourself, your aspirations, your involvement, and/or your accomplishments.

While this Pinboard would not take the place of a formal résumé – and you shouldn’t put the link on a résumé or job application – you can put the link on your Twitter. Most Communications Studies, Journalism, and Interactive Multimedia students are encouraged to maintain public, career-oriented Twitters, so Tweet your Pinboard or put the URL in your info section.

Dorm Décor

Give DIY crafts a new purpose by considering what you can add to your dorm room. Simple posters are great, but your room can have a much more personal feel if you create some decorations yourself! Even the least creative person can make a dorm craft. Ever think of wrapping a city map over a canvas board? It takes a map, canvas, stapler and five minutes to make a project that gives your walls a little more character. You can also look at the “Design” and “Home Décor” general sections under “Categories” for more ideas.

Event Planning

Pinterest is chockfull of ideas you’re dying to try, from that mouthwatering Snickers salad to creating those adorable postcard party invitations. Stock up on fresh, fun theme inspirations. Use Pinterest for ideas for your organization’s next event or check it out for cute birthday ideas for your BFF. Keeping this hodge-podge of ideas all together will allow you to go back and incorporate lots of Pinteresting components in one themed event! 

Inspirational Quote Board

Okay so this isn’t really a new idea for a Pinboard, but I have to cheat and put this one on the list! A board with inspiring sayings is always good to have. Lots of us already have one, but for those who don’t, definitely get one! No matter what you’re interested in, Pinning words of wisdom will motivate you to keep on pushing forward. Sometimes just reading an inspiring message is all it takes to stop us from feeling like we’re drowning in a sea of homework and activities.
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