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Five Future Fall Favs

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

With the changing of seasons, comes the ever-changing fashion trends. 

I always struggle with keeping up with the new and upcoming trends, and I know it’s forever a fast-changing movement that eventually leads to overconsumption that we as a society struggle with. But, with the right sources, it’s possible to build a time capsule wardrobe that allows you to be stylish and sustainable.

So after endless hours of scrolling through Pinterest, Tik Tok, and fashion blogs, I believe I came up with the perfect recipe to the perfect closet.

Unsure of where to start to (pumpkin) spice up your wardrobe this fall? Just continue reading down below… Five trends to follow this fall that you’ll eventually just fall for 🍂

Raving about the Reds

With each season comes a new ‘it color’. And this fall is all about the reds. Maroon, scarlet, cherry red, crimson… the list goes. There’s no specific shade of red that’s in right now, so your choices are unlimited. Either go for an all-red power look or just a red accessory to spice a basic outfit up, and give it a dash of color.

Sexy Shoulder 💋

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We all know the infamous off-the-shoulder look from the fashion past, but it seems like it’s making a reappearance. However this time instead of the basic and outdated look we all know from the 2016 era, a new and more classic style is reemerging. Classic and basic off–the-shoulder knitwear is all the hype this season, and for a good reason!

Sneakers, Sneakers, and Sneakers

Who doesn’t love a good sneaker? This season we’re seeing all types of the on-the-go sneaker look. From the past season of Adidas Sambas to chunky Asics all the brands are here to stay. Enhance any outfit with a pair of bright and eccentric sneakers like  the vibrant yellow Onitsuka Tigers. Or for a more basic look, go for the Adidas Campus, a basic yet stylish sneaker that will go with any look.

Stand-Out vintage


With the focus on more simple and basic outfits becoming more popular this Fall, it’s mandatory that we add a bit of flare to each ‘fit. Stand-out vintage accessories are the perfect way to do that. Bags, sunglasses, jewelry… it’s never-ending. But these small touches are what really pull a look together in unique ways you’ve never seen before.

Stick to the basics

The “clean-girl trend” is here to stay, and it seems to be influencing your make-up, hair, and most importantly your wardrobe! This season we continue to see the trend of more basic outfits. Outfits that you can mix and match yet still look fashionable (all while cutting down on overconsumption). The essentials are essential this season, emphasizing a more minimalist look. Neutrals, matching sets, and more are what help you create that effortless yet put-together look.

Hi im Salma ! Im currently a sophomore political science student on the pre-law track at The college of New Jersey. I am completing my undergrad in hopes of attending law school and becoming a corporate lawyer. Alongside my interests in politics I am OBSESSED with fashion, music, soccer, and any sort of up coming trend watch. And I love sharing my opinions and thoughts through blogs and social media :)