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Evan Zodl ’17

In between doing his Computer Science homework and working on his IMM projects, this week’s Campus Cutie can be found riding the waves, or crafting new original origami designs. Evan Zodl, a Brand Ambassador for Jetty, a surfing and lifestyle company based in LBI, performs many hands-on projects for the company ranging from production to graphic design. Besides being skillful on his surfboard; however, he also creates art in the form of folded paper. In 2008, he launched “EZ Origami”, a YouTube channel featuring instructional origami videos for those of all experience levels. He has received over 20.6 million views with over 57,000 subscribers. Currently, he is working towards the publication of his own origami book. “My goal is to make origami fun and easy for people of all experience levels,” he says.

Check out this week’s Campus Cutie, Evan Zodl, and be sure to check out his origami channel http://www.YouTube.com/EzOrigami

Name: Evan Zodl

Relationship status: Single

Age/School year: 19/Junior

Hometown: Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Major: Computer Science & Interactive Multimedia

Hobbies: Origami, Surfing, Photography, Juggling, Unicycling

Campus organizations: Circus Club

Short-term goals: A surfing sponsorship

Post-grad plans: Find a job and finish writing my first book

Dream job: Professional surfer

Biggest turn-on: Ambition

Biggest turn-offs: Pretentiousness

Celebrity crush: Lakey Peterson

Weird habits: Loading up on free Wawa saltines

Favorite movie: Sharktopus

Favorite food: Tortellini with pesto

Favorite TV show: Modern Family

Favorite thing about TCNJ: The concerts

Best memory/ Proudest moment at TCNJ: Backflips off the high dive

Most embarrassing song on your iPod: IGGY SZN - Iggy Azalea

Favorite musician: Ratatat

The number one thing on your bucket list: Visiting Teahupoo

Role model: Dane Reynolds

Pet peeves: People who walk to class blindly while texting

Guilty pleasure: Iggy Azalea

Fun fact: I surf all year round. One day last winter, the water temperature dropped below freezing (28°F) and my friends and I paddled out while avoiding massive icebergs.

The best advice you’ve been given: “If in doubt, paddle out.”

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