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Edward Guippone ’17

By: Alyssa J Freitas

This week’s campus cutie proudly speaks “nothing but the truth,” so read on to meet the ever-candid Edward Joseph Guippone!

Name: Edward Joseph Guippone

Nickname: Ed, Fast Eddie

Relationship status: Single

Age/Class: 20/ Class of 2017

Hometown: Jackson, N.J.

Major: Accounting

Hobbies: Fishing, playing ping-pong, reading

Campus Organizations: Varsity Baseball, Honors College, FMA (finance organization), IMASC (accounting organization), Beta Gamma Sigma (International Business Honor Society)

Short-term goals: Succeed on finals

Post-grad plans: Pass the CPA exam, enter corporate America and explore “different communities. I want to embed myself in new cultures that are so different than what I have experienced”

Dream job: Run my own business

Ideal first date: Boardwalk

Biggest turn on: Ambition

Biggest turn off: Being entitled

Weird habit: “I set all of my alarms to a digit that ends with the number 8.”

Favorite movie: Forest Gump. It gets me every time.”

Favorite food: “My mom’s homemade sauce and spaghetti with ribs.”

Favorite television show: Shark Tank “My favorite shark is Robert.”

Favorite thing about TCNJ: “The community feel.”

Most embarrassing moment at TCNJ: “I competed in the Mr. Wolfe pageant freshmen year and for my talent I dressed like a clown and juggled. I then gave the worst response to a question in Mr. Wolfe history. If you want to find out what this epic fail was, ask me in person.”

Favorite place you’ve traveled: The Amalfi Coast of Italy

Favorite musician: Young the Giant

Number one thing on your bucket list: Save a life

Role model: My dad

Pet peeves: Constant complaining. “I’m all about positivity.”

Guilty pleasure: Alternative rock

Fun fact: “I’m left handed.”

Best advice: “No matter what life is hard, so why not do the hardest thing?”


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