DIY Valentine’s Day

We all know that making a gift by hand can show someone that you really care, so it’s no surprise that DIY gifts are perfect for Valentine’s Day - especially if you’re trying to avoid a giant price tag. Your special someone will surely appreciate a thoughtful gift that you took the time to make with your own two hands.  

1. Reese’s ‘why I love you’ candy jar

All you need for this gifts is an empty jar, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, and circular labels. On each label write something you love about your special guy, stick it on a Reese’s, and fill the jar. For more instructions, check out this tutorial. This sweet treat is sure to please.

2. Wine cork coasters

Buying a bottle of wine to share with your love on Valentine’s Day is a classic gift. Mix it up a little by including handmade coasters made from wine corks. All you need are leftover corks and a few small picture frames for this unique gift.


3. ‘Game of love’ playing cards

This fun and easy gift will become an instant keepsake for your loved one. Remake a deck of cards into a flipbook of things you love about your special someone.


Now I know not every girl has a significant other to give a gift too, and this makes V-Day a notoriously hated holiday (ironically). But being single shouldn’t mean that you can’t love Valentine’s Day. For the collegiettes who are in the Single Awareness Day camp and have soured on this loving holiday, there are plenty of DIY Valentine’s Day crafts for you, too. Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate the love you have for all the special people in your life, whether it be a romantic partner or your friends and family. HC TCNJ has rounded up some fun, simple, and lovely tutorials that can help you begin to mend your broken relationship with Valentine’s Day.  It’s time to heal, collegiettes, and put some love back into this special day.

1. 3D paper wall hearts

Add some love to your dorm décor with these ridiculously simple 3D paper hearts. All you need is construction paper, scissors, and a little bit of tape or glue to make these lovely dorm decorations.


2. Wax hearts

These wax hearts by Martha Stewart require a little more effort to make (typical Martha), but they would make a lovely edition to any window. The hearts, made from melted crayons, will have a stained glass effect, letting colored light shine through your window during this last full month of winter.


3. ‘Follow the love’ garland

For the truly anti-Valentine’s Day collegiette, consider making this heart garland from old maps. This DIY is super simple, and these hearts would be a fun and unique addition to your room all year round.


No matter who you’re spending Valentine’s Day with this year, whether it’s a boyfriend or your two favorite boy friends, Ben and Jerry, try some of these fun and easy crafts to spread the love. Happy Valentine’s Day and happy crafting, collegiettes!