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Classic Wardrobe Pieces Every Preppy Girl Needs in Her Wardrobe

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

The twenty-first century gave rise to a multitude of diverse styles in the fashion world. From edgy to boho and from girly to casual, preppy style is a conservative classic that will never go out of style. J.Crew and Vineyard Vines are not the only outlets to shop at — you can achieve the preppy style for less at some of your favorite shops; you just have to know which pieces to pick up. Young girls clad with gingham-printed collar shirts and chunky pearl necklaces is a tradition primarily rooted in southern states, yet the following classic pieces are suitable for anywhere and for any wear!

1. A Collared Shirt

IMG Source: Pinterest

A solid collared shirt is a staple to shop for on your next spree. Collared shirts are perfect for both casual and professional wear, and you can even jazz it up by pairing a sweater on top of it for a preppy-schoolgirl vibe.I love wearing collared shirts to class, especially on presentation days. When you look your best, you feel your best! Pairing the collared top with a statement necklace offers such a cute look and layering both dainty and chunky necklaces provide not only texture but also a fashionable fit!

2. A plain, little black dress

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An elegant essential for your closet is a simple LBD. There are several ways to style this classic piece; however, pairing the dress with a statement clutch — perhaps even a bright pink for a pop of color — is ever-so trendy and fashion-forward. Walking along the streets of a bustling city with a long brown trench coat that drapes on the outskirts of the dress is a conservative and timeless presentation. Styling your hair in a top bun suggests a more professional vibe, yet the LBD can always be dressed down with ballet flats or even a pair of nice sandals. Whichever way you wear it, that staple black dress will be the perfect addition to create your own preppy style!

3. L.L. Bean’s Authentic Duck Boots

IMG Source: Pinterest

These boots have been circulating “preppy wardrobe” boards on Pinterest for ages and, after picking up a pair of these at my local L.L. Bean store, I understand why! Not only are these boots perfect for rain, hail or snow, they are the cutest classic essentials to pair with your sweaters and vests during the fall and winter! I love my Bean Boot socks as well and scrunching them above the boots adds such a girly and casual look to compliment the preppy style. The boots are perfect for outdoor trips as well and especially for walking around campus during quite eventful weather. Swipe a pair here.

4. Pearls, Pearls and More Pearls!

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You may have heard the common phrase, “Classy Girls Wear Pearls,” and that is simply a characterization of the transcending classic style of women’s prep. Pearls- whether they be worn on your ears, neck, wrist, finger or along the fabric of your clothes- are the cutest pop of uniqueness to an already classic outfit. Oversized pearl earrings are definitely my favorite and they add so much to your personal style. Any clothing retailer should sell these prized jewels but J.Crew by far has the highest-quality and less expensive pieces for everyday wear.

5. A pair of Krass. & Co. Shorts

IMG Source: Pinterest

Preppy fashion does not always have to be associated with professional-looking wear; classic pieces are also fun to include in your workout or “athleisure” apparel! These cute shorts are filled with energetic patterns, consisting of anchors, American flags and Lilly Pulitzer-inspired prints. The shorts are a modest length and are essential for beach trips with friends or time on the treadmill. Coming in a variety of colors and styles, they are perfect to grab for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! Purchase the shorts here.

All in all, you create your personal style. Fashion is something that is always to be experimented with and revamped constantly. Adding a bit of prep into your wardrobe is easier than you may think with a variety of pieces and elements available to you in boutiques and online. As Coco Chanel once said, “Keep your heels, head and standards high!”

Victoria Giardina is currently studying at the College Honors Program at The College of New Jersey with a major in Journalism and Professional Writing in the School of Arts and Communication and minors in Communication Studies and Interactive Multimedia. She lives in Manalapan, NJ. Her articles and other written work has been featured in "The Dr. Oz Show," (DoctorOz.com), WebMD, Medscape, CNN, and, of course, Her Campus. As a creative, Victoria enjoys reading new books, journaling, spending *too much time* on Pinterest and browsing lifestyle blogs (all with an iced coffee in hand). Check out her digital portfolio here: https://www.victoriagiardina.com.
Maddi is the current President and Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a senior journalism student at The College of New Jersey who loves pugs, napping, and all things food.