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Chris Testa ’17

You may have seen this week’s campus cutie sporting his blue and white stripes while giving campus tours.  Maybe his big ocean-blue eyes captivated you in passing.  Either way, Chris Testa has made his mark on you. This cutie is a biomedical engineering major who aspires to become a pediatric orthopedist. Despite his big dreams, he continues to stay humble and is always a joy to be around, whether he is volunteering with Alternative Break Club, playing soccer or hanging out with his Phi Alpha Delta brothers.

Name: Christopher Testa

Nickname: Testa (original, I know)

Relationship status: Single and ready to mingle

Age/School year: 19/ Sophomore

Hometown: Freehold, N.J.

Major: Biomedical Engineering (Pre-med)

Hobbies: Running, playing soccer, giving campus tours

Campus organizations: Phi Alpha Delta, Ambassadors, Alternative Break Club

Short-term goals: Make it through engineering without dying

Post-grad plans: Actually get into a medical school

Dream job: Pediatric Orthopedist

Ideal first date: Eating Chipotle while relaxing on the beach

Biggest turn-ons: Beautiful eyes, girls who can sing, good sense of humor

Biggest turn-offs: Not liking Chipotle

Celebrity crush: Jennifer Lawrence

Weird habits: Laughing when things really stress me out

Favorite movie: The Breakfast Club

Favorite food: Chipotle if you haven’t noticed yet

Favorite TV showHow to Get Away with Murder

Favorite thing about TCNJ: Eve swiping me in at Eick

Best memory/ Proudest moment at TCNJ: Getting into my fraternity and the Ambassador program at the same time

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled: Aruba

Favorite musician: Matchbox Twenty

The number one thing on your bucket list: To travel to every beach in the world

Role model: My dad and my brother, for teaching me how to be successful and to overcome the boundaries that you are faced with in life.

Pet peeves: People who can’t drive, people that walk too slow

Guilty pleasure: Listening to One Direction in the library.

Fun fact: My eyes are actually blue, I don’t wear colored contacts.

The best advice you’ve been given: Be confident in yourself and who you are and never let anyone change the person you have become.

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