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Business Savvy Instagram Accounts You NEED to Follow

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Social media is one of the hidden keys to networking and skill-building, and an often overlooked media platform for this is Instagram. While Instagram may be known for its picturesque content it also provides a great space for creators to develop original content on tons of niche topics. Business and professional accounts can give you personalized advice on achieving your goals. Curating a diverse Instagram feed will help you become more open to new ideas, receive more balanced direction, and keep yourself motivated. Here are my favorite business savvy Instagram pages that I guarantee will leave you feeling more educated and confident going forward!


  1. @alexandrafasulo 

Alex Fasulo is the perfect person to follow if you’re an aspiring writer. Anyone with a background or interest in journalism and professional writing would benefit from checking out her page. She is an entrepreneur who works as a freelance copywriter and has a successful Fiverr account she promotes. She uses Instagram reels as a platform to give great writing advice, including tips on starting out and finding opportunities on platforms like Fivver or Upwork. Whether you’re interested in freelancing as a career or as a part-time gig her content has some useful advice for you to consider.


  1. @sparkline.co

Sparkline is a career coaching service that is great to follow if you’re looking for some helpful general advice. They post tips on how to improve your resume and how to answer difficult interview questions. Their content also has a healthy serving of motivational work advice and even career-relevant memes. Check out the Newsletter or Q&A in their highlights to see more of their content!


  1. @emily.the.recruiter

Emily Durham is another Instagrammer that I love to follow. Her feed is filled with how to answer trick interview questions like why you left your last job, mistakes to avoid in your career journey, and general work-life advice. She’s a career coach who accepts clients worldwide and will help you perfect your resume and master interviews. Check out her podcast The Straight Shooter Recruiter on Spotify!


  1. @leadershipfeed

This account is a source of great motivation for me. They post videos from all kinds of creators meant to inspire you and shape you into a better leader. While much of their content is in the form of Instagram Reels or Tiktok videos the information is presented very clearly and quickly. It’s the best kind of content to start your day out on the right foot or to give you the drive to get through a bad one. The books and podcast highlights on their page have some awesome recommendations for content that will educate you on how to become a better professional.

Senior at TCNJ, majoring in Journalism & Professional Writing.
Minji Kim

TCNJ '22

Minji is a senior English and Elementary Education major who is passionate about skincare, turtlenecks, and accurate book-to-movie adaptations.