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Week two of the bachelor consisted of two interesting group dates, a really adorable one-on-one, and of course, a lot of drama. The first group date included Taylor, Rachel, Kelsey, Jess, Lauren, Maria, Erika, and Evalin. The girls all dressed up in wedding dresses and met up with Joey at a mock wedding reception where they all took turns mingling with guests and pretending they just married Joey. Personally, my favorite part of this group date was when Evalin launched herself across the table to try and secure the seat next to Joey, only to be beat out by Lauren and Maria. I definitely respect the effort. Overall, I thought a mock wedding reception was an interesting choice for the first group date and most of the girls and Joey seemed to enjoy it. 

The first one-on-one date went to Daisy! This was so exciting and I kind of saw it coming as the chemistry Daisy and Joey shared in the first week was undeniable. The pair took a helicopter ride and attended a music festival. They looked like the perfect couple. Joey was charming and engaged the whole time. Daisy was so sweet and seemed to be enjoying herself while at the same time bonding with Joey. At the end of the date, Daisy opened up to Joey about her struggle with her health and Joey was empathetic and supportive. Truly the perfect gentleman. These two are so cute together and I know I’m not alone in saying I’m 100% rooting for them. 

The second group date, in my opinion, was as interesting of a concept as the first. Allison, Kelsey, Katelyn, Madina, Edwina, Marlena, Jenn, Chrissa, Starr, and Autumn were tasked with breaking up into teams and engaging in a paint fight to protect Joey’s “heart.” In the end, Joey picked Edwina for the dinner date because she really put herself out there and put her all into carrying her team to victory. 

Back at the house, Madina expresses her insecurities about her age and how she feels odd about being the oldest girl in the house. Shortly after, Sydney overhears Maria making insensitive comments about what Madina had expressed about her age. Sydney jumps into protective friend mode and alerts Madina of the situation; she also makes sure that Maria knows she heard what she said and that she isn’t going to let it slide. Maria attempted to defend herself and her comments and expressed how ridiculous she felt this whole situation was. 

Meanwhile, Joey had a heartfelt conversation with Lauren, who admits that she felt off during the whole wedding reception group date as she recently lost her father. She expressed how emotional it made her to be sitting in a wedding dress knowing her dad would not be with her on her real wedding day. She then brought out a cake, which she later threw on the ground in anger because it had the wrong flavor; she ended up deciding to leave the mansion on her own account. This came as a shock to me since originally, Lauren had seemed like one of the most eager and competitive contestants. However, I understand her reasoning and empathize with how difficult this situation was for her. 

On a lighter note, I am most excited to see Daisy’s relationship with Joey continue to grow and am 100% team Daisy. It will be interesting to see how the tension between the contestants plays out in the coming weeks and if the arguments will have any impact on Joey’s decisions.

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