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Best Work-Out Sneakers Under $60

Sneakers are a huge investment, but every collegiate™ needs a good pair for her workout! We found a few you should look into buying and the best place to purchase them. Remember, every sneaker is different and the many types of exercise and movement make picking the perfect sneaker a science. All those mentioned below can be found at sportsauthority.com. Happy shopping!

Cross-Training Sneakers: $59.99
For the best cross-training, check out Avia A1433, New Balance 1010, or ASICS Gel-170 TR Training Shoe. These sneakers have support in the sole and on the sides, which provides some much needed stability if you’re punching it out in kickboxing or doing salsa in your Zumba class. You want a cross-training shoe with lightweight construction, one that advertises stability on the sides and sole of the shoe.

Running Sneakers: $54.99

For your running needs, you can’t go wrong with an ASICS Running Shoe, specifically the ASICS Gel-1160. This sneaker is equipped with technology that allows shock-absorption and additional cushioning that prevents shock and enhances stability. The sneakers are lightweight and durable, making them a must for anyone who regularly runs around the Loop or on a treadmill.

Trail Running Sneakers: $49.99
It may be getting chillier, but that doesn't mean you should give up those morning runs with Mother Nature on the trails. If you’re looking for sneakers that will support you on rocky terrain, you should look into New Balance Women’s 573 Trail Running sneakers. A lightweight shoe that provides the cushioning necessary for any avid runner, this shoe also utilizes a rigid outsole that allows for traction on uneven ground.

Walking Sneakers: $39.98
For those collegiates™, who prefer power-walking around the Loop, the Asics Women’s Gel Resort 2 Wide Width Walking Shoe is the perfect shoe at a more-than-reasonable price. These walking sneakers boast comfort, durability, and resistance to shock.

Conditioning Sneakers: $49.97
The best conditioning shoes are, by far, the Avia Avi-Motion Toning and Conditioning Shoe. This sneaker engages your calf and thigh muscles while you’re walking with its unique heel construction that gives the feeling and difficulty of walking on sand. The upper mesh portion of these sneakers allows breathability during an intense workout.

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