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Best Group and Couple Halloween Costumes

It’s spooky season once again and if you’re a college student, you probably have one thing on your mind: what are you going to wear to all of the Halloween parties? Some people choose to have a different costume for each party and others are satisfied with rewearing the same thing (personally, I am partial to rewearing costumes). Regardless, group and couples costumes are a fun way to spice up Halloween. Here are some ideas you could possibly use.

1. Wendy & Peter Pan

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This is one of my absolute favorite costume ideas. Every year I beg my boyfriend to do this, but unfortunately he doesn’t own any leggings. Luckily, leggings are an easy thing to acquire. All you really need to put Wendy’s costume together is a white dress, blue ribbon and a pair of comfy flats. For Peter, you will need green jeans or leggings, a light green shirt, brown shoes and the most important part, a green hat with a red feather. A brown belt or rope will quite literally tie the look together. 

2. Phone apps

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This is a great last minute costume idea for any group of friends. If you find that you have nothing to wear the night before a party, then this is the perfect idea for you. All you will need are various solid colored t- shirts and some fabric paint or markers. The rest is self explanatory. Match the color of your T shirt to the app you want to be. For example, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr would be blue, Pinterest would be red, Snapchat would be yellow, and so on. You can use any app you want, and all you have to do is draw or paint the logo on the front of the shirt. Finish off the look with shoes, scrunchies or headbands that match the color of your shirt.


3. Possessed Dolls


IMG Source Victoria Methfessel

Me and one of my best friends DIYed this costume. All we did was get striped leggings, black tutus, white shirts, fake blood, hair bows, and a lot of makeup. We smeared fake blood all over the white shirts and white hair bows. For the makeup, I used a white face paint, and black liquid eyeliner to draw cracks on my face. After that, I applied dark red lipstick and one fake eyelash to look like a broken doll. I had a lot of fun taking pictures for this unique costume idea.

4. Deer & Hunter

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This is another classic Halloween costume for couples and it’s very easy to create! To be a deer, all you need is a brown skirt or pair of pants, a white shirt, brown boots (Uggs would look super cute), and some makeup! There are so many tutorials on YouTube, but the basic rundown for the makeup is that you need to apply bronzer to your forehead and cheeks, white face paint to create spots, black liquid eyeliner for the nose and a brown liquid lipstick to finish it off. The Hunter can wear anything camo, or dark woodsy colors like green and brown. A hat and even some face black finish of the hunters look.


5. Powerpuff Girls

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Another fun costume to recreate with your girlfriends is the powerpuff girls! This is another simple and cute group costume. You can use items from your own closet. To be Blossom, all you need is a pink dress with a black stripe, and if you don’t own one, you can use a black belt to create the stripe, or just wear all pink clothing with a black belt. Add a pink bow to your hair to finish off the look. The same goes for Bubbles but obviously you would be using the color blue, and put your hair in pigtails. For Buttercup, you would use the color green and leave your hair down. Finish off each look with white tights and plain black shoes.

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