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Best Cafés Near TCNJ

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Coffee is a staple of the college student. For some, a day without coffee is a day uncompleted. And sometimes, you just need to get the heck off campus to find yourself a perfect, luxurious cup of your favorite dark roast in order to feel like a human. The Library Café and Education Café on campus have a pretty good selection of the caffeine we crave, but I’m talking about artisan, hipster cappuccino places, where you can Instagram your beautiful mug of joe and get some atmosphere that isn’t just ‘been up for 2 days straight in this library corner’ vibes. These cafes also won’t break the bank because let’s be real, we’re all college students, how much money can we really be allotting to overpriced coffee? Preferably none. So here are the best cafés for when you just gotta hop in your car and get you that drink of the gods to get through the rest of the day.

Café Seventy Two

This quaint little café is seriously aesthetic with its frosted branch decorations and fairy lights. Not to mention their delicious specialty drinks and eggs benedict selections. It’s got four and half stars on yelp and a whole five from me, they were honestly fantastic – the lemon ricotta donuts with blueberry compote are heaven, just an FYI. At only 10 minutes away from campus, this is a must try!

The Gingered Peach

The Gingered Peach offers a friendly vibe and has some absolutely heavenly pastries. When you need to satisfy your sweet-tooth, instead of grabbing a candy or something from the C-Store, the 12-minute drive to this little shop is worth it!

Trenton Coffee House and Vinyl

With the feel of an 80’s era cafe, this little shop is a hidden gem, with artfully crafted coffee. It has actually become a local hotspot for the underground music scene. It’s a 20-minute drive from TCNJ and a great place to explore your music taste.

Café Chorba

Café Chorba looks like a coffee shop with some delicious diner food! Service is quick and friendly. And, even though it’s technically in Morrisville, PA, it’s only a 16-minute drive from campus. This is a perfect place for some Sunday brunch – or any day Brunch, you do you.

Sourland Coffee

At a ten-minute drive from campus, Sourland wraps up our list, and it certainly is a TCNJ staple, considering how close it is! Deliciously tasty pastries [which are actually from the Gingered Peach – number two on this list!] and coffee will have you coming back, and the overall vibe of this café is cozy and perfect for getting some work done on a fall day.

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Natalie Matos is a junior at The College of New Jersey majoring in English and minoring in Classical Studies. She loves sharing her thoughts and ideas with the Her Campus community and looks to pursue a career in the Publishing industry.
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