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Beauty Haul: New Hair & Skincare Products I Have Tried

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I have been influenced by many videos of the best products that will give you dewy, clear skin and full voluminous hair. As someone with sensitive skin and who has already tried several hair solutions, I am a little apprehensive when it comes to trying new products that claim to revolutionize your life. But, I was in need of a change and was curious enough to try them out. 

Here is everything I’ve bought recently:

  1. Naturium Multi-Peptide Eye Cream
    1. This eye cream is meant to smooth fine lines and give a more refreshed look. But, I specifically bought it because I saw influencers saying it was great for clearing dark circles. I had been using Cetaphil’s Eye Repair Cream, which I hadn’t seen much change from and sometimes burned when I applied it under my eye. The Naturium’s eye cream has the same applique, where you squeeze small dots of the product under the eye and then rub it in with your finger. At first, this product felt gentler on my skin but I had experienced a burning sensation when applying later on. The skin around your eyes is thin and can be sensitive to new products, so just be cautious!
  2. Naturium Glycolic Acid Resurfacing Gel
    1. This is an exfoliating gel that is meant to help with texture, uneven tone, and having a brighter complexion. When using this product it is recommended to gradually integrate it into your routine and then eventually use it once per day. This product should also be spot-tested, because as stated on the bottle there can be some tingling and redness when applying, and we want to avoid putting something that just irritates your skin. When I spot-tested the product I had no reaction but I did experience some tingling when applying later on that subsides quickly. A good way to reduce that tingling is to apply your moisturizer right after this product. 
  3. Thayers – Hydrating Milky Toner
    1. This toner is meant to balance the pH of your skin while also giving you all-day hydration. I have used toner in the past and it often left my skin feeling very dry. But, with this product, it feels super creamy and moisturizing on your skin. What’s also nice about this product is that a little really goes a long way. They recommend putting this on before your actual moisturizer, and I always make sure to put it on after cleansing and applying acne treatment. In the past I have tried witch hazel toner which was too drying for my skin so this has been really helpful.
  4. OGX Biotin & Collagen Weightless Oil Mist
    1. I recently learned through TikTok that hair oil is great for keeping your hair healthy and also great for refreshing waves or curls. I was afraid of my hair becoming oil once I applied this but that wasn’t the case. Just make sure to concentrate on the bottom of your hair and only spray it a couple of times. The oil makes your hair smell good and I saw it helped define some waves that were limp before.
  5. Her Roots Hair Growth Oil
    1. TikTok has been raving about Mielle Rosemary & Mint Hair Strengthening Oil but, I have also seen some customer complaints that steered me away from the product. However, I did find a South Asian creator (@herrootshaircare) on TikTok who has a small-owned business for her hair growth oil that has worked to regrow the hair she had lost from PCOS. As someone who is also South Asian and was looking to grow my hair, I trusted the product and the reviews I saw from customers. I bought it a few months back and while I did not notice too much of a difference I did have others comments that my hair on the top of my scalp looked fuller. Although, I will say I saw some growth of baby hairs on my scalp which is promising. I was hoping to see quick results but if you are looking to restore your hair’s fullness it will probably take some patience.
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Emma is a junior at The College of New Jersey. She is a Speech Pathology and Audiology major with a Deaf Studies minor.