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Bachelor In Paradise Isn’t Always Paradise in the End

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

For the millions of fans in Bachelor Nation, it may not come as a surprise that Jordan and Jenna’s engagement didn’t last. Both Jordan and Jenna have been castmates on the most recent seasons of the Bachelor (Arie) and the Bachelorette (Becca). While Jenna’s role on The Bachelor was more lowkey, Jordan was viewed as villain of his season. He got into many verbal arguments with other men and didn’t seem to take his potential relationship with Becca seriously.

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When Jenna arrived on Bachelor in Paradise, it appeared to be love at first sight for her and Jordan. Jordan quickly ended his short relationship with Annalise and began one with Jenna. It was clear Jordan had temper problems after another man gave Jenna a stuffed dog, causing Jordan to violently throw it into the ocean. After this, Jenna began to question her relationship with Jordan, and even went on a date with another cast member. But ultimately, Jordan and Jenna stuck together and in the finale they got engaged.   

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At the reunion show taping, Jenna and Jordan had remained together and were still engaged. They looked extremely happy and hopeful for future. It wasn’t until blogger Steve Carbone, known as “Reality Steve” posted screenshots of messages supposively between Jenna and another man. According to Reality Steve’s podcast with Jordan, this man was potentially Jenna’s “sugar daddy” that she couldn’t let go of, even for Jordan. Within this podcast, Jordan stated that he believed that Jenna was cheating on him, despite Jenna denying the “allegations.” He believed that the texts seemed so similar to the way she speaks and types that he couldn’t believe her.

    Jordan then took to Instagram to publicly announce the end to their engagement, he stated in his post, “I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship.” When Reality Steve asked if there was any hope for the two to reconnect, Jordan did not seem very interested. Jenna is still trying to deny to the allegations and has stated that she will be seeking lawful help. It doesn’t look like the future is too bright for these two. But what did Jenna expect, everything always comes out especially from Reality Steve, who has had a track record for spoiling many endings to the Bachelor Franchise shows.

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