Alex Brune ‘16


Alex Brune is a one-of-a-kind guy who can always make anyone laugh. He can usually be found in the library or around New Res 3, where he works as a CA. Cuteness must run in the family because his brother, Kevin Brune, was one of TCNJ’s Campus Cuties last semester! But sorry girls — he’s taken!

Name: Alex Brune

Year: Junior

Hometown: Montgomery, NJ

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Major: Psychology

Career Goals: I would like to be a guidance counselor in a school, ideally working with autistic children.

TCNJ Organizations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and I’m a Community Advisor.

Favorite Food: Chipotle. Half steak, half chicken burrito bowl.

Favorite Movie: Anchorman

Favorite TV Show: Modern Family

Hobbies: Skiing

Role Model: My older brother, Kevin.

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Favorite Sports Teams: The Chicago Cubs, the New York Jets, the Nets and Notre Dame for college sports.

Turn-Ons: A girl who can hold a conversation; someone who’s personable.  A girl who can make me laugh… and who’s shorter than me.

Turn-Offs: Girls who hold grudges and are stand-offish.

Celeb Crush: My girlfriend is going to kill me, but Carrie Underwood.

Ideal First Date: A day in New Hope, PA.  Going to a nice restaurant and then getting ice cream. I also like walking around the shops and going near the lake.

How did you ask your girlfriend out?: I put flowers and a card underneath a bench at the park near her house. I was so nervous. And then she said no (kidding, of course).

Quirks: I have to watch Vines every night before I go to bed. Speaking of going to bed, my brother and I shared a room when we were little and he used to hide under the bed and jump out and scare me, so I still have a habit of always checking under my bed.

Fun Fact: Me and my little, Jake Cohen, won best big/little pair for my fraternity. I love my little, he’s just perf!