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7 Products Every Stressed-Out College Student Needs

While college may be the best four years of your life, sometimes the stress seems to pile up. Between classes, exams, and club meetings, it’s hard to find a little you-time in the hustle and bustle of everyday activities. If this sounds familiar to your life, take a look at these seven products that help relieve pent up stress.

1. Never-Ending Bubble Wrap: Studies show that one minute of popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a 30 minute massage. So get popping with this Bubble Wrap Keychain found at Amazon.com!

2. Pull and Stretch Bounce Ball: Whether you’re walking to your next class or doing homework in the library, this stress ball is the perfect on-the-go stress reliever!

3. Journal: Though many people usually turn to social media to talk about their problems, keeping a journal has been proven to help problem-solving skills, which in turn reduces stress caused by troubling issues. This floral journal from Papyrus.com is the perfect place to start organizing your thoughts!


4. Coloring Book: Meditative Coloring, also known as Coloring Therapy, is a fun and easy way to relieve stress. The repetitiveness of coloring strengthens your focus and helps you revert to a relaxed state of mind. Channel your inner 5-year old self with this adult coloring book from Barnes and Noble!

5. Tea: Drinking a hot cup of tea not only is the perfect way to warm up on a cool day, but also is a great way to relieve stress! A cup of tea, specifically black tea, has unique soothing properties. According to a study by the University College London, black tea positively affects our stress hormone levels. Order some funky black teas, like Earl Grey Crème, at Teavana.com!

6. Yoga Mat: Though yoga may seem intimidating, anyone can do it! It not only relaxes your body but also your mind; two components essential to stress relief. Order a cute mat at YogaOutlet.com and get the mediation started!

7. Bath Bomb: Baths have been known to reduce stress due to the fact that it lowers blood pressure, allowing your body to relax and escape your daily stressors. So why take a regular bath when you can drop one of Lush’s Bath Bombs in the tub for the ultimate bath experience?



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