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The 7 People You’ll Be Snowed in With

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TCNJ chapter.

Wohoo, you have a snow day! Just make sure you know who you’re getting snowed in with…

1. The Winter Goddess. She lives for the cold, freshly fallen snow, and yes, she did just get a new pair of skis for Christmas. She’s built three snowmen before you’ve even gotten out of bed!

2. The Storm Chaser. Her eyes have been glued to the TV for the past six hours, and she’s made sure everyone has a flashlight and proper snacks. This girl takes no chances, and will be the first to whip into survival mode when the storm hits.

3. The Ice Queen. Something about being cooped up in the house makes this girl go a little stir-crazy, especially since she can’t get out to make her daily Dunkin run. This girl is always on the go, and resents the schedule-stopping snow. Make sure you’ve got some activities planned for the day because she is just not about the snow.

4. The Snuggle Monster. All this girl wants to do is snuggle up with some hot cocoa, blankets and good friends. She changed into her onesie pajamas the minute Dave Muha sent out the “NO SCHOOL” email.

5. The Snow Dayger. This girl is ready for a good time, snow or not. She made sure to make that last-minute liquor store run and has you amply stocked for the harsh conditions.

6. The Summer Seeker. This gal only wants the warm weather and sunshine on her face. She dreads winter, and just the thought of snow makes her shiver. Last week you caught her ordering new bathing suits online.

7. The Mini Martha Stewart. This girl uses the uninterrupted free time of a snow day to bake all day and D-I-Y to her heart’s desire. You can already smell that chocolate chip cookie scent wafting through the air.